New tonight: Project Runway Canada on Global

Tuesday, March 24 – 10pm ET/PT


The designers head to the great outdoors to discover the details, and materials, for their new challenge. In pairs, they must create one avant-garde look and one ready-to-wear look. The drive to win forces the designers to prove the lengths they will go to for fashion. In the most surprising twist of the series, the remaining designers find out that they are not alone in the woods. American sportswear designer Rachel Roy joins the judging panel for the runway show.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Project Runway Canada on Global”

  1. I was happy to see Jason return, but Genevive …. if she or Kim would be my sister I would be embarrassed to say so because of their personalities – she and Kim are one horrible nast pair. I will NEVER buy any clothes from either one of them.
    Very unfair that Adejoke was forced to leave because of Kim’s incompetence. The structure of this episode was not well thought out, the pairing was ok but should have been still judged on the individuals. Gene’s top was great but the skirt looked like one big (usual) mess.
    I am very disappointed in the judges.

  2. I have to echo Anne, here: the judges disappointed me, too, in this episode.

    Adejoke should not have been eliminated due to Kim’s failure. What’s more, Genviève’s skirt was a disaster, all her team’s other pieces were unspectacular, and they clearly did not deserve the win. Based on that, even Kim didn’t deserve the elimination.

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