Canwest specialty channels include Canadian series

From a media release:


Holmes Inspection (26x60min)
Fall 2009
Mike Holmes is back with an all-new series to help homeowners who have been duped by terrible home inspections. Mike assesses the situation, uncovers what went wrong with the inspection and with the help of his construction team he will do what he does best: ‘Make it Right’.

Realtor vs. Realtor (13x30min)
Fall 2009
Realtor vs. Realtor is HGTV’s first show where realtors are pitted against each other to find the perfect house for the same house-hunting couple and close the deal with a sale. Viewers will witness aggressive behaviour, cutthroat strategies as well as honest goodwill and resourcefulness to win over clients.

History Television

Ice Pilots NWT (13x60min)
Fall 2009
If no one else will do it, the Ice Pilots of Canada’s Northwest Territories will. Renegade Arctic airline Buffalo Airways defies the cold and the competition by flying propeller planes from the Second World War on missions all over the Canadian North. Landing precious cargo onto remote airstrips at mine sites, water bombing forest fires and carving out runways on frozen lakes and rocky tundra, the Ice Pilots do it all, despite blizzards, breakdowns and crazy passengers.


The Foundation (5x30min) (HD)
Fall 2009
From director Mike Dowse (It’s All Gone Pete Tong, Young Americans) comes a brand new Showcase original that follows the inner workings of a dysfunctional but well-funded non-profit charity and its less than scrupulous Executive Director played by Mike Wilmont (It’s All Gone Pete Tong).

Crash & Burn (13x60min) (HD)
Fall 2009
Starring Luke Kirby and Clarke Johnson, Crash & Burn is the story of Jimmy Burn, a young claims adjuster for a cut-throat corporation. Jimmy maneuvers his way around insurance scams and the criminal underworld all while trying to escape his past and make a better life for himself on the gritty streets of Hamilton.


Re-Vamped (10x60min)
Fall 2009
Eight jilted women have come to ‘Camp Revamp’ to mend their broken hearts, regain their self-confidence and work to become a sexy, first-class burlesque troupe. Over the course of six weeks spent living together, their limits will be tested by a series of challenges and they will be both emotionally and physically transformed. Some of Canada’s most accomplished trainers and stars will be guiding and judging them along the way. At the end of six weeks, they’ll put on a hot and sultry burlesque show, displaying their bodies and their allure and testing their new-found confidence.

X-Weighted: Families (13x60min)
Fall 2009

In its fourth season, this popular weight loss show shifts focus to an epidemic sweeping Canada: fat families. X-Weighted: Families is an in-depth exploration of the critical issues contributing to a national obesity epidemic through the journeys of a varied cross-section of Canadian families coming to terms with their fat reality. Each episode follows a different family in their struggle to affect positive change in their own lives and the lives of their children. It documents the plans and pitfalls, dreams and delusions, failures and successes of these families as they try to go from fat to fit.


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  1. “Holmes On Homes” is one of my favorite shows. I’ve just now started watching it, here in the States, on our HGTV. I had no idea, until researching it a bit here and on Google, etc., that it has been on for so long. Hope I get a chance to see all of the episodes from all 8 or 9 years. And, if I ever buy a house, I want Mike Holmes to do the inspection! Damn, he’s good.

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