DVD review: Murdoch Mysteries season one

From Paul Mavis of DVD Talk:

  • Murdoch Mysteries – Season One
    “Playing very much like Sherlock Holmes Meets CSI, Murdoch Mysteries – Season One has that stolid deliberateness of many Canadian dramas, along with a spotty budget that delivers a sometimes wobbly production design. But in the long run, it should be all about the mysteries, and they’re certainly nothing special. The cast, with the exception of the wonderful Thomas Craig (from Coronation Street), is fairly colorless, as well.” Read more.

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  1. Gotta love how this show creates its fans. From another source
    “I read Paul Mavis’s DVD review of Murdoch Mysteries – Season One at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=37530 and…I very much object to his supercilious attitude and obvious unfamiliarity with season one of this series as a whole. The fact that Murdoch Mysteries is slated to appear in its third season (this fall, we hope) and currently appears on City TV four times a week on three days (Wed., Sat. and Sun.) tells you both how wrong Mavis’ initial judgement was, and how steadily the series has enlarged its audience. IMHO, MM’s biggest strength is its focus on character development. Sure, the mysteries can be intriguing and have plenty of variety, and the new-fangled gadgets Murdoch plays with or invents are fun, but it’s getting to know and appreciate the four main characters, plus those guest artists who reappear from time to time, that keeps viewers like me both hooked and happy.
    The Victorian Toronto quartet of Murdoch, Ogden, Brackenreid and Crabtree are, I hope, here to stay for a very long time. It’s a rare treat to find a television show today that chooses to attract its viewers with superior acting skills, a mixture of suspense, romance and comedy, and a setting in another time and place that’s real enough to be believable and quaint enough to be charming. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved!”

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