Cowboys premieres July 3

From a media release:

Cowboys Premieres Friday, July 3 on Citytv During Stampede All Eyes are on Cowboys!

Just in time for Stampede Citytv gets you out of the line-up, past the bouncer and opens the doors to the legendary night club Cowboys, home to some of the biggest er…’personalities’ in the bar business.

“This was a great opportunity to partner with local Calgary production company Corkscrew Media to present a behind-the-scenes look at an iconic Canadian Venue” commented Alain Strati, VP of Specialty and Development, Rogers Media Television.

The Calgary Stampede is known for its competitive sporting events, agricultural fair and live musical performances but it is renowned for its nightlife! Cowboys – one of the hottest tickets in town – is a place where dreams can come true and hearts can be broken all in one night. People flock from all over to get a glimpse of the girls and guys of Cowboys, but what is it really like to work there?

This one-hour Citytv special event (aired as two back-to-back, half-hour episodes), two-steps viewers into the fast lane, providing an unprecedented no-holds-barred all-access view of club life during the busiest two weeks of the year — Cowboys-style! Follow all the headaches, heartaches and histrionics of the bar’s suave and savvy owner, ridiculously attractive servers, buff bartenders, dour doormen, party-hungry clientele and attention-seeking celebrities.

How does ‘Boss-man’ Shaun handle the pressure? What happens when personalities clash? Can ‘Queen Bee’ Cherie (remember her – the one that caught Prince Harry’s attention?) cope with new staff behind her bar? Who gets hurt when working relationships turn into something more – the boss or the beer girl? Can a bikini contest come between friends? And just what happens when Jersey comes to town?

Cowboys premieres Friday, July 3 at 9pm ET/CT/MT/PT on Citytv.