In the news: CTV to continue airing The Listener after NBC drops it

From Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail:

  • NBC drops Canadian-made series The Listener
    “CTV spokesman Scott Henderson said the Canadian network would continue to air The Listener in its regular time slot. He added any decision about renewing the show for a second season ‘is way far in the distance. We are not at a point to make a decision on it.'” Read more.

8 thoughts on “In the news: CTV to continue airing The Listener after NBC drops it”

  1. Shame on NBC for not keeping the Listener on their shcedule- I hope
    CTV continues to pick it up for a sec ond season- it is a really good
    show- we need more shows like this one- caring- well acted and great
    story lines

  2. CTV had better renew The Listener we don’t have much Canadian produced tv to be proud of these days that is actually made in Canada/Toronto without Toronto doubling for something else, the lead and cast are great and the shows are compelling and entertaining it certainly fills the void Tru Calling and Early Edition left. Please keep this show!

  3. Seems that a lot of the shows I’m watching these days are being filmed and produced in Canada. Way to go! It’s a nice change to have shows to watch that aren’t just jibberish, that make you think, and educate you!

  4. sam

    august 27,2009 9:07 pm
    i hope the listener is renewed for a second season. our family
    really enjoys. it’s great to see canadian talent.

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