Iron Road miniseries airs Aug. 9 & 16 on CBC

From a media release:


  • China-Canada co-production directed by David Wu

A love story set against the building of the railroad through the Rocky Mountains, IRON ROAD is a romantic action-adventure shot in China and British Columbia. The two-part miniseries telecasts on CBC Television, Sunday, Aug. 9 and 16, at 8 p.m.

The story begins when James Nichol, the privileged son of a railroad tycoon, goes to China in the 1880s to recruit cheap workers to finish his father’s railroad and save him from bankruptcy. There he meets a Chinese street orphan nicknamed Little Tiger who has disguised herself as a boy in order to survive. Little Tiger yearns to leave her job at a fireworks factory to pursue her dream—a better life across the sea in “Gold Mountain”—and her quest for the truth about her father’s death.

Little Tiger is in for some shocking surprises when she arrives at the railroad construction camp deep in the Rocky Mountains—treachery, racist prejudice, and a plot to kill her on the cliff face. But the biggest surprise is that she falls in love with James! Their love defies the taboos of both their worlds and puts everything at stake for the feisty Little Tiger.

Chinese star Sun Li (Fearless, Jade Goddess of Mercy) plays Little Tiger, the intrepid street urchin; Peter O’Toole (Venus, Lawrence of Arabia) plays the alcoholic recruiting agent who teaches her English; Sam Neill (The Tudors, Jurassic Park) portrays the hard-driving railroad tycoon; Tony Leung Ka Fai (Lost in Beijing, The Lover) is Little Tiger’s demanding boss; and Luke MacFarlane (Brothers and Sisters, Kinsey) plays the tycoon’s irresponsible but engaging son.

The supporting cast includes Canadian actors Ian Tracey, Kenneth Mitchell, Charlotte Sullivan, Serge Houde and Lisa Bunting and Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang.

IRON ROAD is written by Barry Pearson and Raymond Storey and directed by David Wu. It is based on a story idea from an opera by Chan Ka Nin and Mark Brownell. Producers are Raymond Massey, Anne Tait and Zhao Haicheng. Executive producers are Arnie Zipursky, Han Sanping and Tiger Hu. It is produced by Anne Tait Productions, CCI Entertainment and Massey Productions, in association with CBC Television.


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  1. I missed Part 2 of the series; any way the program would be repeated on Channel 3, CBC in the future? I wanted to learn the ending. Is there a book with the same name? Thank you.

  2. i missed part 2 of the series as well, please let me know where i can watch this again, i was very interested in the second part..thank you

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