Review: Defying Gravity ‘cross between Grey’s Anatomy and Top Gun’

From Jennifer Thomas of the Pioneer Local (Illinois):

  • Review: ABC’s ‘Defying Gravity’ launches soap in space
    “The first two episodes of ABC’s upcoming show, “Defying Gravity,” were both better than I expected but not as good as they could be. Sold as sort of a “Grey’s Anatomy” in space, it has potential, but it also has an usual mixture of sci-fi and soap. Mainly, I could do without the pop-rock montages and the philosophical voiceovers from lead character Maddux Donner (the always likable Ron Livingston). Those kind of voiceovers work when done by Meredith Grey, but they don’t work as well here. “Defying Gravity,” though, is very likable — especially when leads Laura Harris or Livingston are on camera.” Read more.