In the news: Defying Gravity interviews and reviews

christina lauraFrom Gary Strauss of USA Today:

  • With ‘Defying Gravity,’ Ron Livingston is walking on air
    “Gravity focuses on eight astronauts on a six-year mission to explore the solar system, circa 2052. Though its space-travel premise skews toward sci-fi, Defying Gravity’s interplanetary setting serves as a backdrop for character-driven back stories, sexy romantic triangles and a mysterious plotline — or The Right Stuff mixed with Grey’s Anatomy and a bit of Lost.” Read more.

From Heather Havrilesky of Salon (contains spoilers):

  • What if you set “Grey’s Anatomy” in outer space?
    “But bending the laws of physics on a space soap is where I draw the line. While I can understand why Parriott and Co. might be tempted to simply swap out the high-pressure hospital setting with a high-pressure intergalactic setting, the stupidity of Defying Gravity really knows no bounds.” Read more.

From Verne Gay of Newsday: