In the news: More Defying Gravity reviews, interviews

From Cassandra Szklarski of the Canadian Press:

  • ‘Defying Gravity’ space series tackles love triangles, otherworldly forces
    “The romantic sci-fi series Defying Gravity, a new U.S.-Canada co-production, melds sexy love triangles with other-worldly mystery as it launches this weekend. U.S. star Ron Livingston leads an ensemble cast as a veteran astronaut on a six-year mission to explore the solar system and acknowledges there’s good reason the series has already earned the nickname Grey’s Astronomy.” Read more.

From Robert Lloyd of the LA Times:

  • Review: ‘Defying Gravity’ on ABC
    “Ron Livingston, from “Office Space” and “Band of Brothers,” leaves Earth this weekend in “Defying Gravity,” a sci-fi series premiering Sunday on ABC. I will not be the only observer to remark on its coincidental superficial resemblance to “Virtuality,” the pilot by Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor (“Battlestar Galactica”) that Fox recently ran as a one-off TV movie. Each is set around a near-future space mission that confines its characters — some with prior issues and entanglements — in a relatively small space; in each, a mysterious force guides events; and each uses TV broadcasts back home as a narrative device.” Read more.

From Kat Angus of Dose:

  • ‘There’s a little bit of kissing and spaceships’
    “And now, Livingston is taking on one of the more unusual roles of his career, that of astronaut/lothario Maddux Donner on the sci-fi drama Defying Gravity (premiering on Sunday on CTV). Set in the near future, the series follows eight astronauts selected for a six-year voyage through the solar system, dealing with their personal relationships while exploring the universe. The unique concept is difficult to categorize (a popular description is “Grey’s Anatomy in space”), but, Livingston says, that’s what drew him to the Canadian production in the first place.” Read more.

From Ian Johnston of Metro:

  • Mixing kissing with spaceships
    “Melrose Space. Grey’s Astronomy. Lost … In Space. For a TV show that has yet to air, Defying Gravity has a lot of nicknames. So what’s it really about?” Read more.

From Robert Philpot of the Star-Telegram:

  • Review: ABC’s ‘Defying Gravity’ needs a bit more rocket power
    “ABC’s timing is off with Defying Gravity, its new space-mission series. Had it debuted a couple of weeks ago, it might have received a boost from all the attention surrounding the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Premiering on a random Sunday in a summer loaded with things that feel secondhand, the series comes across as just another leftover that the network doesn’t consider strong enough for its fall schedule.” Read more.