Interview with Ron Livingston of Defying Gravity

ron4.jpgFrom Mandi Bierly of Entertainment Weekly:

  • Defying Gravity star Ron Livingston: Space sex and the EW pop culture personality test
    “So what can Livingston, who stars as flight engineer/tragic hero/ladies man Maddux Donner, tell us about the series from former executive producers of Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives? There will be space sex. ‘The idea was, what’s a really cool workplace environment that we haven’t seen before,’ he says, burying the lead. ‘The astronaut corp halfway to Venus seemed like a cool place to go to work. Then a lot of stories follow from what needs to be done day-to-day. It also keeps the men and women cooped up in a confined enough space that the other half of the mystery from week-to-week is who’s gonna end up sleeping with who.'” Read more.
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