Re-Vamped premieres Sept. 6

From a media release:


  • Eight Jilted Women Hit Camp Re-Vamp To Get Their Mojo Back
  • Re-Vamped Premieres Sunday, September 6 at 10pm ET on Sliceâ„¢
  • Jilted? Angry? Disillusioned? Time to get Re-Vamped! The Canwest original series

Re-Vamped features eight women, all victims of bad relationships, who are coping with broken hearts and tarnished self-esteem. They signed up for what they’re affectionately calling “Camp Re-Vamp” – an intensive, six-week training regime designed to help them rebuild their lives, find their mojo… and become red-hot burlesque dancers! This 10-part series, premiering September 6 at 10pm ET on Sliceâ„¢, reveals the turbulent truths that have brought each of these women to Camp Re-Vamp. Although each participant has her own set of bad memories, they all have one common goal – to work together to become a first-class, sexy burlesque troupe and show their exes just what they are missing.

“This series takes viewers on a uniquely entertaining and compelling journey of transformation as Re-Vamped follows these scorned women working tirelessly to mend their broken spirits. Every person, at some point in their life, has come across hardship and can empathize with the path that this group of eight has embarked upon,” said Vanessa Case, Vice President, Content, Slice™, Canwest Broadcasting. “Re-Vamped showcases the resilience of the human spirit, capturing these women at their worst and best, and will have audiences cheering them on along the way.”

Each woman enters camp with their own relationship horror stories: one was dumped on her birthday for her best friend (and cousin), another was rejected by her long-term boyfriend via email while battling cancer. Yet another’s 21 year relationship came to a halt when she discovered that her partner was being unfaithful. Throughout the series, each is challenged to face her past head-on and move forward with her head held high.

Guiding, judging and transforming the ladies from drab to fab are some of Canada’s most accomplished trainers and stars. Host Zoe Thorn is joined by co-hosts Roland Semprie, a master trainer and health care practitioner, and choreographer Kaitlyn Regehr. This all-star team works together to transform the eight women into vixens worthy of goddess status. The women’s limits are tested as they follow a brutal routine of diet, fitness and burlesque dance training, and participate in a series of tasks and challenges aimed at developing their trust and team building skills. At the end of six weeks, they’ll put on a hot and sultry burlesque show, displaying their bodies and their allure, in front of their friends, family and even some of their exes. To pull it off, they’ll have to help one another recover from bruised hearts and lack of self-esteem, and get each other back on track. Will their exes dare make an appearance at their show? If so, will the women get the sweet revenge they’ve been looking for? One thing is for sure – they all want to get back at their exes in a big way.

Meet the eight Canadian women of Re-Vamped:

Kim Mitchell, 31, Brantford, ON.

Lisa Rozon, 36, Toronto, ON.

Kat Brandon, 40, St. Albert, AB.

Pamela Sargent, 41, Hamilton, ON.

Roxanne Wright, 23, Scarborough, ON.

Tamara Dowds, 50, Caledon, ON.

Liz Selvadurai, 21, Beaconsfield, QC.

Mary Catton, 26, Ottawa, ON.