Pure Pwnage goes from web to TV

From a media release:


  • Canwest announces series pick up of popular web series for Showcase
  • First Canadian web series to transition to television [TV, eh? comment: Does Sanctuary not count?]

Continuing its slew of pilot and series pickup announcements, Canwest pulls inspiration from the web world by greenlighting Pure Pwnage, a half-hour comedy series for Showcase. A huge hit online, Pure Pwnage is the first Canadian web series to graduate to TV. Slated to begin production this Fall, the series will air on Showcase in 2010.

Pure Pwnage will appeal to fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Flight of the Conchords and those who have an appreciation for Internet and gaming culture. The series follows Jeremy (Jarett Cale) a modern day, 26 year old gamer version of Larry David. His unfortunate lack of social experience constantly has him bumping up against reality. A child of the Internet, no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t relate to the ‘real world’. After he is given an ultimatum from his mother to get a job or get out of the basement, Jeremy must leave the gaming world and join society again. Hilarity ensues as the series sees Jeremy start his own rock band, become a video game tutor and attempt to socialize with his co-workers at a grocery store.

“It’s a thrill to be working with a group of up and comers who are already so successful in the digital universe. With a legion of fans already addicted to Pure Pwnage, this smart and ridiculously fun web series will make a smooth transition to television and is perfect for Showcase” said Christine Shipton, SVP Dramatic and Factual Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “The site has a fanatical following and Showcase viewers are going to love these hilarious and eccentric characters.”

“We’re thankful to Showcase for giving us the opportunity to take Pure Pwnage to the next level. We’ve enjoyed amazing success on the Internet and are very excited to bring our popular characters to the TV platform”, said Jarett Cale, co-creator, writer and producer. “We are honoured to be the first in Canada to bring gaming and Internet satire to television. We can’t wait to see Showcase viewers embrace the wacky and hilarious Pure Pwnage world”, said Geoff Lapaire, co-creator, writer and producer.

Pure Pwnage is based on the hit web series on www.purepwnage.com which receives over 200,000 unique visitors a month. This site has an incredible fan base who have been following the antics of Jeremy for over 4 years.

The television series is written by Jarett Cale, Geoff Lapaire and Mark Steinberg with showrunner Derek Harvey (Testees and The Tom Green Show). Executive producers on the series will be Catherine Tait of Duopoly and Ron Mann from Sphinx Productions, with Davin Lengyel as co-producer.