Plastic Makes Perfect premieres Sept. 7

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  • Featuring comics Sabrina Jalees and Debra DiGiovanni, a hilarious new season of Plastic Makes Perfect premieres Monday, September 7th at 10:00PM on Sliceâ„¢

Plastic Makes Perfect, the series that uses hilarious hidden-camera tests and biting satire from comics Debra DiGiovanni and Sabrina Jalees to reveal how shallow our notions of beauty really are, returns to Sliceâ„¢ this fall. An all new season begins Monday September 7th at 10:00PM on Sliceâ„¢.

Can big breasts help you get elected to public office?

Can erect nipples make men lose their memories?

Can a young mom’s muffin top make strangers unhelpful?

The new season of Plastic Makes Perfect answers these questions and more with hidden-camera tests, biting commentary from the hilarious Debra DiGiovanni and Sabrina Jalees, and real stories of patients undergoing plastic surgery. The shocking truth is that while your mother may believe that beauty is more than skin deep, society does not. No wonder so many women are running to plastic surgeons.

Both Debra and Sabrina have gained success and popularity in Canada and the US with appearances on such shows as Much Music’s Video On Trial, NBC’s Last Comic Standing and CBC Radio One’s, Bleep. Guided by their witty annotations, Plastic Makes Perfect reveals what people really think about beauty and physical appearance.

Produced for Sliceâ„¢ by Toronto-based Breakthrough Films & Television, a new season of Plastic Makes Perfect premieres Monday September 7th at 10:00PM on Sliceâ„¢.

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