In the news: Battle of the Blades adds Salé, Bourne, Underhill

From CBC:

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2 thoughts on “In the news: Battle of the Blades adds Salé, Bourne, Underhill”

  1. Oh CBC, this is sad… People want to see Domi and Probert fight! Not learn to figure skate. I bet this show will get a a great first rating and then just head south as the season goes on.

    What’s next, watch Being Erica as she dances in a cowgirl outfit on a bar a la WILD ROSES!

  2. Yeah, just like nobody wanted to see stars learn how to dance… Come on, there’s inherent entertainment value in this. Whether it’s up your alley or not. I mean the Bachelor gets ratings, and that show is awful…

    It will be interesting to see how this show does, that’s for sure…

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