New tonight: So You Think You Can Dance Canada on CTV


The cross-country audition tour comes to an end with competitors lined up in Edmonton and Montreal. Jean Marc Genereux and Tré Armstrong are joined by special guest judge Luther Brown and rounding out the judging panel in Edmonton fresh from her successful choreography work on the U.S. series,is Edmonton native guest judge Stacey Tookey who has worked on projects with Bette Midler and Madonna. Finally, in Montreal, the judges panel is comprised of Jean Marc Genereux, Tré Armstrong along with guest judges Emmy® Award-winning Mia Michaels (who choreographed last year’s first-ever Top 10 group number) and Lil “C” who was featured in the critically-acclaimed dance documentary Rize.

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One thought on “New tonight: So You Think You Can Dance Canada on CTV”

  1. I am really ashamed of CTV and the Show there was a old lady that came down to the Edmonton Auditions to try out only to be told that she was to old, and then they called her back to dace because of the out poring of emails to let her in. I watched the whole show tonight in hopes of at least seeing her dance, but nope not even a mention. The only thing that was shown was a one second snippet at the start of the very first episode. SHAME SHAME IS ALL I CAN SAY…..

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