Gorden Pinsent stars on The Listener

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Canadian icon Gordon Pinsent (Away From Her) stars as a “John Doe”, (real name Frank Cardea), the man who brought Toby (Craig Olejnik) to Dr. Ray Mercer (Colm Feore) 20 years earlier. Despite being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Frank might still be able to help Toby unravel his mysterious past in Thursday’s season finale of The Listener, premiering Thursday, August 27 at 10 pm on CTV and Saturday, August 29 at 8 pm on SPACE. The episode, entitled ‘The Journey’, is directed by Clement Virgo (Poor Boys Game).

Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik- The Timekeeper, In God’s Country), is The Listener, a 25-year-old paramedic with a gift. In addition to being a highly skilled first responder, he’s been blessed, and cursed, with telepathic abilities that allow him to read people’s thoughts. When we meet Toby, we soon discover he’s taken only one person into his confidence, his mentor Dr. Ray Mercer (Colm Feore, 24, Changeling). With Ray’s help, Toby has kept the voices in his head at bay. The Listener follows Toby as he tries to help people in crisis and in the process heal some of his own wounds. http://thelistener.ctv.ca

The Listener is produced by Shaftesbury Films, in association with CTV, SPACE, NBC and Fox International Channels. Produced with the assistance from The Canadian Film or Video Tax Credit. Fox International Channels broadcast The Listener in over 180 countries in March 09. International sales of The Listener are handled by Shine International.

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  1. There are many Canadian and US fans that would very much like to see CTV have a second season of The Listener. If I may, I would like to inform you and your readers who may be fans of the show, that there is a petition to sign, in hopes the powers that be will take notice. Please check out the petition and sign it and show your support. Pass it on to your friends, spread the word, and thanks for your support. The Listener is a great show that showcases Canada and it’s Canadian actors. We as fans want to see a second season of The Listener!


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