New tonight: Hotbox on Comedy Network – Season finale

hotbox110 p.m. ET/PT – HOTBOX (SEASON FINALE)

Comedian Deb DiGiovanni drifts through the atmosphere in Dinner in Space and Kelly Tuft recounts a three-way with Marilyn Monroe and Molly Ringwald.


One thought on “New tonight: Hotbox on Comedy Network – Season finale”

  1. Is this show canceled? I actually just did a search and this is the last article that came up.
    It’s a pretty bad show. The writing is really weak. It’s a pity that Canadian comedy has to be relegated to cheap tricks and banana peel humor. S&S has managed to put out some of the most distasteful shows on Canadian television. It’s almost as if their creative and development team has no idea about what makes a good show. The intention is not to blame the production company, but looking at their track record…it makes sense. Sorry to those who love the Red Green Show and all of the other shows they put out, but it’s just not good TV.

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