How to Look Good Naked Canada begins production

From a media release:


  • Multi-Talented Zain Meghji Hosts New One-Hour Series Set to Debut in Early 2010

Production has commenced on How To Look Good Naked Canada, a new series for W Network that is on a mission to get Canadian women to love their bodies with confidence and pride, regardless of their shape. Hosted by Zain Meghji (eTALK), this 13-episode, one-hour series will premiere in early 2010, and will reveal the secrets to looking great and embracing the bodies women have – both in the buff and all dressed up.

Produced by Insight Productions in association with W Network, and based on the hugely successful British version hosted by Gok Wan, How To Look Good Naked Canada will help Canadian women of all shapes and sizes discover a whole new appreciation for the way they look with encouragement from host Zain Meghji. Combining his strong sense of style, love of fashion and compassion for others, Zain will help self-conscious women find their true beauty using styling, beauty tips and surprising stunts.

“The How to Look Good Naked concept isn’t about surgery or collagen injections, it’s about changing women’s attitudes towards their bodies, starting with eye-opening ways to help women see what makes them beautiful. We believe this is something that will truly speak to Canadian viewers,” said Vibika Bianchi, Director, Original Productions, W Network. “We’re also thrilled to have Zain on board as host, joining the W Network family which includes some of the most talented and diverse experts in Canada. Zain has an amazing ability to help women feel good about themselves and is a perfect fit for the series.”

“We are thrilled to bring this exciting, thoughtful – and cheeky – series to a Canadian audience,” said Andrea Gabourie, Supervising Producer, Insight Productions. “The show is so much fun, and has such a tremendous and important message for women – regardless of your size and shape you can feel beautiful and sexy. Zain is the perfect host to help women believe this, and we can’t wait to share our 13 transformations with the W audience.”


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  1. Hi, I am 52 years old and have three grown children – 37 years, 29 years and 28 years old. I had surgery five years ago ( all my lady parts – cervical cancer) and I have gained a lot of weight right around the middle. I do not feel sexy nor do I feel good about myself. It doesn’t seem to matter how much or little I eat…I still seam to have this big pudgy, soft middle section….I have been over weight for a least 10 years now but it was always managable….my shape was always okay until the surgery…..the bam ..I seemed to grow around the middle immediately and I look old and very unsexy!!!…anyway, enough of that….just do great with the show and show all us old gals how to do a better job looking and geeling good. Good Luck….Gail Finnson

  2. I am also 52, was married 29yrs and now find myself single for the last 3. My husband was very controlling. I haven’t had a bathing suit on since I was 19, after I started living with him, not even a pair of shorts. I am as white aa a ghost. I need help to make that first move into freedom. I just haven’t got the nerve, god what has he done to me?

  3. I am 44 years old, I live in Ottawa, Ontario and only started watching How to Look Good Naked with Gok Wan about a year ago and now that it is in Canada it is totally wonderful. A year and a half ago I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror I hated what I saw and slowly was getting depressed my husband and kids could sense my unhappiness so I had to do something and had surgery. Had I started watching this about a year and a half ago I might not have gone through the surgery, I might even have been a client I guess you could call it here in Canada on one of your shows. I had gastric bypass surgery Sept 2008 and lost 130 pounds and then a tummy tuck last fall. I don’t regret it but this show would have changed the way I felt about myself before surgery. This show is totally amazing on making people feel good about themselves and proving to the world that big or curvy is beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS and keep this show going alot of people out there need this help. I hope that alot of young girls get a chance to watch this show these are the ones you need to reach and prove to them that the average person is not a size 2.

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