Interview: Tonya Lee Williams of The Border

From Jeevan Brar of Dose:

  • Tonya Lee Williams joins The Border
    “This fall, Tonya Lee Williams will the join the cast of the CBC’s The Border for its third season where she’ll play an agent working for the US Department of Homeland Security. The actress took some time to discuss her upcoming role on The Border and the progress that she sees in the Canadian television industry.” Read more.

One thought on “Interview: Tonya Lee Williams of The Border”

  1. I feel compelled to note that the reporter who interviewed Tonya Lee was completely wrong about CBS and Flashpoint and put Tonya Lee in a very inappropriate spot to comment on a situation that simply doesn’t exist.

    The reporter obviously miscontrued CBS’s substitution of Flashpoint repeats with Medium repeats as a cancellation. In fact, CBS was simply moving Medium into it’s planned fall time slot a few weeks early. CBS is still confirmed as planning to schedule Flashpoint “in season”. CBS’s Nina Tassler has repeatedly said as much.

    Sometimes I wish reporters would check their facts first before jumping to conclusions, even in this case where the reporter was interviewing someone who has no connection whatsoever to Flashpoint and was just throwing out a comment for reaction.

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