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From a media release:


ZONE3, one of Canada’s top 5 television and film production companies has been commissioned by Citytv to produce My RONA Home. The 10 X 60 minutes reality series is being filmed on location in Calgary, Alberta. My RONA Home will premiere on Citytv on Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 9 pm (8pm CT/MT).

My RONA Home follows two families in a competition to see who can best design, construct and decorate a brand new home, in an exciting race against the clock. The winning family, as voted by Citytv viewers, will win their dream home with all the furnishings- an estimated value of $400,000.

The show is hosted by Elissa Lansdell (CMT). Each family is matched with a team of experts, and they work room-by-room, with a deadline of 30 hours to complete each phase of the work. In My RONA Home, we watch as each team does all the work in building one of the first LEED* certified homes seen on television (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Each family has to live in on-site trailer homes and work side by side 24 hours a day, making the competition fierce and emotional. In every episode, viewers will have the ultimate say on whether the Blue Team (Cottrell/McCarty Family) or the Yellow Team (Mooney Family) will win their dream house.

For the last seven years, My RONA Home’s French version has been a ratings smash hit and has won multiple French Gemini Awards for best Reality Series.

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