In the news: Nathan Fielder of This Hour Has 22 Minutes

From the Canadian Press:

  • Slice of life: Young Canadian TV writer-performer broadens his comedy experience
    “Nathan Fielder has a resume boasting an impressive list of accomplishments that many in his industry would assume came from knocking on doors and shmoozing with the right people. But the understated writer and comedian has a knack for attracting incredible opportunities simply by doing what he does. His latest job is writing for the critically acclaimed U.S. show Important Things with Demetri Martin.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Nathan Fielder of This Hour Has 22 Minutes”

  1. I will miss Nathan on 22 Minutes, lots, but this guy is a TALENT and hilarious – the article failed to mention Nathan has a feature documentary film which he directs and acts in, called Love and Cameras in America and shows at the Atlantic Film Festival Sept 20th!

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