Spectacle: Elvis Costello With … starts season 2 production

elvisFrom a media release:

Toronto Hosts a SPECTACLE

  • Celebrated Talk/Music series begins production of second season in Canada
  • Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray box set released throughout North AmericaNovember 10, 2009

Spectacle: Elvis Costello With...SPECTACLE: ELVIS COSTELLO WITH…, the internationally acclaimed music television series conceived and developed in Canada, begins production today on season 2 with a special taping in Toronto. Canada’s first ever SPECTACLE taping will take place in the legendary Concert Hall at CTV’s historic Masonic Temple. Host Elvis Costello said “In the words of the great Joe Strummer, ‘Let’s Rock again!’”

In Toronto, SPECTACLE will tape in a room that has hosted a who’s who of music royalty in the past 50 years. The Rolling Stones rehearsed numerous times in the Concert Hall while Led Zeppelin played its first Toronto concert there. One of Canada’s best live music venues, the Masonic Temple’s Concert Hall has also hosted historic performances by The Supremes, The Who, Bob Dylan and James Brown. Home to MTV in Canada, The Masonic Temple is a living, breathing creative hub and beacon for the artistic community.

“I am delighted that we can continue where we left off—making intelligent, and informative music programming,” shares Sir Elton John, one of the series’ Executive Producers.

Embraced by both critics and viewers in its ambitious first season, SPECTACLE proved that there is a substantial audience for an intelligent and entertaining program about music, becoming one of last season’s top 10 new shows in Canada*. Designed to provide a forum for in-depth discussion and performance with the most interesting and influential artists and personalities of our time, the show fuses the best of talk and music television.

SPECTACLE’s inaugural season featured an extraordinary and eclectic roster of legendary musicians and fascinating personalities, starting with Sir Elton John, before delving into an astonishing range of musical genres, including pop, rock, jazz, country and even opera. Guests ranged from The Police to President Bill Clinton, and the series won rave reviews all over the world, airing on CTV in Canada and on Sundance Channel in the U.S., as well as on Channel 4 in the UK, ABC in Australia, HBO throughout Latin America, and in a number of other international territories.

For season two, the SPECTACLE production team has committed to raising the bar; guests will be announced later this month. Season one of Spectacle is now available on iTunes, and a DVD/Blu-ray box set will be released throughout North America November 10, 2009.

Co-produced by Toronto’s reinvention entertainment, SpyBox Pictures and Prospero Pictures, along with London-based Rocket Pictures in association with CTV and Sundance Channel, SPECTACLE: ELVIS COSTELLO WITH… is an unpredictable and unprecedented television experience. The series of one-hour programs features everything from intimate one-on-ones with legendary performers and notable newcomers to thematic panel discussions.

SPECTACLE also features a variety of performance elements including unique collaborations, acoustic and impromptu “illustrative” demonstrations of the creative process, and some original interpretations of others’ songs by Costello.

The program’s eclecticism and depth reflect its uniquely qualified host. Elvis Costello is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee; a Grammy and Ivor Novello Award-winning (and Oscar-nominated) songwriter and performer comfortable in almost every genre imaginable; a musicologist of formidable breadth and knowledge; a contributor to Vanity Fair magazine; and a noted wit whose stint as guest host on The Late Show with David Letterman won rave reviews.

Consistent with Sir Elton John’s long-standing commitment to philanthropy and music, the series producers have struck an exciting association with the (Product) RED (www.joinred.com) campaign created to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund (www.theglobalfund.org) to fight AIDS in Africa. Select program excerpts and performances will be distributed in a variety of new media and conventional platforms, with a portion of the profits directed to the Global Fund.


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  1. What great news!! My husband and I are looking forward to season II. When will the schedule be coming out and how would I be able to get tickets?

  2. Just saw Michael Kaeshammer at the amazing concert hall KKoerner Hall in Toronto and I strongly suggest you invite Michael to perform on Spectacle as soon as possible. Such an engaging performer that exhibits such talent and personality would be an excellent match for Elvis Costello. Go for it, your audiences will love you for it.
    Pat in Toronto

  3. Hey folks
    We have been big fans of the show since day one. Thanks!
    I started 48 weeks of chemotherapy in January this year, which has me doing an injection into my abdomen Friday night every week, and a whack of pills twice a day.
    I do this injection every Friday night at 10PM which as it turns out is when I am doing my injections weekly.
    The show has been well enjoyed, has taugh my wife and I much despite noth of us having significant knowledge about music to start with. (especially myself)

    A couple of questions if I may?
    1) Are there any plans to make a taping of the show here on the west coast of Canada, that the public could attend? We live in the lower mainland of BC and would love an opportunity to be part of the audience of this amazing show!

    2) We noticed Mr Costello has lost a great deal of weight since last seasons episiodes and wondered if he is ok health-wise>
    WE sincerely pray he is and has just chosen to lose the weight, but having my own helath issues ahs taught me that when people lose that much weight that fast, there “could” be a problem.

    Please feel free to tell me to piss off if this is none of my business.
    We are cocerned is all.

    Please let us know anything you can about the possibility of a Vancouver area taping of the show and any clue towards why the sudden and dramatic weight loss for Elvis.

    Many many thanks and please keep up the fantasic and well put together series!

    Chris L

  4. I saw the first episode tonight and was shocked at how much weight Elvis has lost. It looked like he had pads in the shoulders of his suit to help fill it out. I sure hope he is o.k.

    Incidentally, the show was great with a wonderful performance by Bono.

  5. We have just watched Spectacle today….with Cheryl Crowe etc., and cant till you how much we enjoyed it……we watched last year and found this year be accident….I dont know when it was taped but we watched it this afternoon……Keep up the wonderful show….C.Solomon/V.Black, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC. Canada

  6. There are not too many tv shows these days that you just don’t want to end! Take tonight with Elivis Costello – all the greats – Ray – Levon – Nick -Richard..(please excuse that I should be so familiar). Isn’t great that sitting in you own living room you can be entertained this way. Thank you so much for this and to Elvis and the amazing guests, it was wonderful to hear these great musicans to their thing…

    Celia…….(How does one ever get tickets to be a Spectator at Spectacle….does anybody know)? I’d be there in a New York minute…I know, corny but what the heck!

  7. I happened to watch Elvis Costello and his great show tonight. It was terrific to see all those legend musicians, along with Levon Helm. Now that we are into the second season, I’ll be sure to catch as many shows as I can. I live in Toronto, and would love to get tickets to a taping, if they are held in our city.
    Is it possible to get a schedule of the various guests performing on Spectacle each week? Thanks!

  8. I watch this show faithfully . What a great oppurtunity to see some of my favorite musicians.The show is intelligent,with Elvis and his amazing knowledge of music, andthe studio sound is great. We need this type of show so badly in a world of hype and pizazz. Jesse Winchester and Ron Sexsmith were wonderful. Where else could you see these musical treasures. Keep rockin Elvis.

  9. although everyone asked the same question-where to get ticketrs- there was no reply, so how do you find out?

  10. I have been a faithful viewer of Spectacle since I first discovered it over a year ago. I’m so impressed with Elvis’ knowledge and insightful interview style. How DO you get tickets?

  11. Love to see David Bowie perform on Spectacle. It’s been awhile but maybe Elvis can convince him to make an appearance.

  12. Is there a Season 3? My husband and I have watched Spectacle since season one. I’d like to get tickets to a show for my husband’s 50th birthday (June 2011). He’s a huge Elvis Costello fan. Where can I buy tickets for Spectacle and how do I find the taping schedule? We’re willing to travel anywhere in the world for this.

  13. I am asking the same question as Sylvia K. where can we get tickets – Googling doesn’t seem to give me the information I need. I love when Diana Krall is on the show – I grew up on Vancouver Island – Victoria and feel the connection to the Western Roots and rock here in Muskoka.

  14. I am asking the same question about getting tickets. where can we get tickets – Googling doesn’t seem to give me the information I need. I love when Diana Krall is on the show – I grew up on Vancouver Island – Victoria and feel the connection to the Western Roots and rock here in Muskoka.

  15. How does Spectacle select their guests? Would love to see Elvis and Ian Hunter on the same stage.

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