Little Mosque on the Prairie returns Sept. 28 with a new arrival

LittleMosque4_SaskFrom a media release:


This year, there’s a fresh arrival in Mercy. A new man of the cloth is about to take over Mercy Anglican and he’s not interested in treating Mercy’s resident Iman as an equal. The friendly relationship between the Muslims and the Christians will be put to the test as CBC Television’s internationally-acclaimed comedy series LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE returns for its fourth season on Monday, September 28 at 8:30 p.m. It’s the same funny and heart-warming show it has always been …with a little more edge.

Reverend William Thorne (Brandon Firla, Billable Hours) is an ambitious and manipulative minister from the big city who is surprised to find a bunch of Muslims as tenants in his church. Not the ecumenical type, Thorne prefers a church without an Imam and mosque in it. Conflict brewing, Imam Amaar (Zaib Shaikh) literally and figuratively dukes it out with the new Reverend and faces the greatest test of all – himself.

“The new season of LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE will come as quite a surprise for many of its fans,” said executive producer Mary Darling. The Imam and Reverend will face off in a battle for the hearts and minds of Mercy, and many of the townsfolk will be pulled into the fray. Who will be left standing? And will they be left standing with their dignity intact? “The goal of this season is in many ways to engage in the actual conversation happening in the world much like we did in our first season,” added Darling.

The renewed conflict at the core of the new season brings out the best and worst in everyone. Rayyan (Sitara Hewitt) has to learn to live as an independent woman after being left at the altar. Sarah’s (Sheila McCarthy) loyalty to work and family is tested. Yasir (Carlo Rota) is torn between wife and mother. Baber (Manoj Sood) has to rise up to be the ultra-conservative Muslim he’s always thought himself to be. Rounding out the stellar cast are Debra McGrath as Mayor Popowicz, Arlene Duncan as café owner Fatima and Neil Crone as radio host Fred.

LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE is written by Jason Belleville, Dan Redican, Zarqa Nawaz, Greg Eckler, Sarah Glinski, Karen Hill, Sam Ruano, Paul Pogue and Claire Ross Dunn. Directors include Michael Kennedy, Brian Roberts, Jim Allodi and Steve Wright. Producers are Colin Brunton and Michael Snook. Zarqa Nawaz is consulting producer and series creator. Executive producers are Mary Darling, Clark Donnelly and Allan Magee. It is a WestWind Pictures/Little Mosque Productions Inc. in association with CBC Television.


86 thoughts on “Little Mosque on the Prairie returns Sept. 28 with a new arrival”

  1. I love ‘Little Mosque On The Prairie, it’s such a fun show, we’ll have to see what happens to Amaar ( Zaib Shaikh ), I have the season one

  2. This first episode isn’t as good as last season with this new Rev! I love this show… I understand what they are trying to do… but I’m not sure removing one of the best characters was the best thing for the show.

  3. I have been a fan of “Little Mosque” ever since the first show, but the season premiere did not live up to what I expected. What is this about adding conflict? It is a comedy. I find the new Reverand to be a horrible character. There is enough conflict in the “real” world, we tune in to “Little Mosque” to see refreshing characters, and humor. This episode had no humor. The old characters are not acting right, the new one just annoyed me every time he appeared, and it was slow. They should have gone with the old adage “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. I used to be a proud watcher but no more. The show has been ruined for me and I know I am not alone in this.

  4. How dare you? You have taken a well loved comedy show and turned it into a platform for Racial and Religious Bigotry. I used to love tuning into “Little Mosque” for every episode, and so did many of my friends. I am Christian and numbered among my friends are fellow Christians, Muslims, Blacks, Jews, Indians and Inuits. I could go on further, but I think you get my drift by now. I would now be very ashamed if I were to tune in your show and so would my friends. Goodbye!!!!! Listen to me turn you off. “CLICK”.

  5. I am having trouble understanding the executive producers’ reasoning for replacing our beloved Rev. Duncan Magee. He is (or should I say was!) easily the funniest character on the show. One of my favourite memories of season 3 was Amaar and Magee playing catch at the end of episode 301: “Amaar At the Bat”. Magee was warm, funny, and goofy. Thorne is an all-around jerk who is approximately 90% less funny. I hope to God that this change isn’t permanent and something possesses Duncan to return to Mercy. I honestly see no reason to mess with the formula for a well-loved, home-grown sitcom. During its entire run, “Little Mosque’s” one great rival, “Corner Gas”, never grew stale. That was because it didn’t mess with the formula. “Little Mosque” has. They will fall. A big-city, big-mouthed, big-headed, bigoted Anglican priest has no business in a small, soft spoken prairie town that is itself a celebration and testament to racial diversity. The funniest thing about Thorne was when he bumped his head on a hanging lantern. It would be fine if Thorne had come to Mercy to take over Magee’s job while Magee was still there. It would have been even better if his attempts to take over the position of local priest had failed miserably and he had persisted despite this. That could have set up some funny conflict between the two with their starkly contrasting personae. But no, Magee had to be taken right out of the picture to make way for an arrogant jerk who doesn’t get along with Muslims. Sure, conflict can be funny, but that doesn’t mean that every TV series needs a villain. “Corner Gas” did fine without one. Bring back Magee and we’ll be happy. Keep Thorne and we’ll flip over to CTV or even *shudder* Global. I don’t think you want that, CBC. So bring back Duncan Magee. Do it… Do it now… Quickly, I’m reaching for the remote… Last chance… Too late! *CLICK*

  6. Definitely will not be watching anymore. I didn’t even finish this episode. It’s like a different, very unfunny show.

  7. Why did you have to mess with a good thing??? It wasn’t broken, why did you have to “improve” the show? Bring back Mcgee!!!Or you will have another viewer gone… and I can tell you, there are alot who will no longer view…who’s next to go… Ryaan??

  8. When I found out that Magee wasn’t going to be back I was pretty upset, but I still figured “Oh well, adding a new character could be interesting.” The problem is Rev. Thorne appears to be a tasteless cliché. I mean, it’s Fred Tupper all over again but with little hope of ever becoming endearing. I remember an episode in Season 1 when the Archbishop came to Mercy. It was every stereotype gone wrong and was, at least in my book, a step backwards from the respectful yet humorous atmosphere I and so many other viewers have learned to love in Little Mosque. Unfortunately, from what I can tell of this Season’s premiere, there is a great danger we are falling into a grotesque religous-slapstick landslide. Religious tensions are very real and I’m all for awareness, but in this kind of show it’s very difficult to balance the seriousness of the issue while maintaining “family fun”. You’ll have to make a choice eventually.

    I watched all of Little Mosque, in fact it is the only show I watch every episode of. I will not forsake it quite yet, even though I was very disapointed by the premiere. Every show is entitled to have a couple of bad episodes. But keep this up and I can garantee I won’t be the only one finding something else to do on my Monday nights.

  9. I have always enjoyed Little Mosque, have to say that this episode seems to a little bit of a disappointment. There are two specific points about this episode which could be potentially dangerous. First I have never before noticed you use the actual beliefs within a religion as the source of the humor. In the past characters within the show and their actions have always provided this. The second point of concern is the way that the viewer is left at the end of this episode with a feeling of real hostility between the two religions featured in this show, this is not funny. Looking forward to more truly humorous episodes in the future, and more of the quality content that the producers of this show have created in the past.

  10. I really enjoyed the relationship between Amaar and Rev. Magee. The scenes between them were both funny and touching such as the Christmas episode. This new change is not the way to go, as others have said it brings something uncomfortable to this show.

  11. The new format is an insult to Christians and Muslims – the comedy and hopefulness of the earlier shows are gone. The last thing this world needs is more conflict of this type. It’s not even funny anymore.
    Bad move CBC.

  12. I too was VERY disappointed in the Season Premier of Little Mosque. The new Reverend created so much anger in me that I got to the point where every time I saw him I’d say “What a jerk, I can’t stand this person at all!” I kept waiting for the show to get funny. And the other characters – it was like they did not want to be acting on that show anymore. They were all so out of sync, saying things out of character, no enthusiasm in playing their roles at all, making no effort to be entertaining whatsoever. The show did not flow like it use to. It was like, what’s the use? By the time it was over I was so angry and frustrated and could not understand why it was changed so much. Whoever decided to do this to the show, why, I ask, WHY? Why did no one try to stop this from happening? Did the people who make the decisions decide they did not want this show on anymore and decided to get people to stop watching it this way? Do it so they could say to all that since the viewership has declined we will not renew the show for another season? Did some big money person in the higher up end of tv world get offended by something on the show or one of the people who works on the show and decided to stick it to them by getting people to hate the show in return? I can not think of a logical reason for the show to be knocked down into the basement level of the tv world this way. Why mess with perfection?

  13. So looking foward to the season premiere was I and so shocked and appalled was I at the end of the episode. I agree with comments of previous posts that there was nothing funny about that show. And the parting comment at the end of the sermon by the new character . . “love your enemies but do not forget they are your enemy” just put taint of ugliness on the whole thing.

  14. Yes, I agree with all of the other posts, that this season premiere was not what I had hoped it would be. “A little more edge” is how the new season has been described. I think you’ve fallen right off of the edge! The “conflict” between Amaar & the new Reverend is not what people want to see – we deal with that kind of stuff in everyday life. If I want reality, then I’ll watch the news. Come on people, let’s get some better writing on the show or there may not be another season.
    On a more positive note, I love Sarah’s (Sheila’s) new hair-doo!

  15. Please stop making this show about religious and racial conflict….just make it FUNNY! And if there is anything Muslims and Christians can agree on wholeheartedly is this: please bring Rev. Magee Back!!!

  16. Not seen it yet myself, but I suspect that things were getting a little too chummy all the way around in Mercy, barring Fred and Baber. And as we saw last year, churches and masjids alike – does anyone here know the plural of “masjid” in its language of origin? – always have changes of staffing sooner or later.

    Yeah, Thorne’s the interloper here. He’s intended to stir the pot, and judging by this reaction, he’s doing the job he’s been scripted to do. I’m willing to see how this plays out.

    Meantime, where’s the DVD set for seasons 2 and 3?

  17. I had a few thoughts about this new season, good and bad.

    The new intro is a little unnecessary, I think. A little too slick, and the change in the font feels a little off.

    I don’t really mind that JJ is gone, because that storyline really left Amaar in the wind a bit. A lot of the humor in the earlier seasons came as a result of the romantic tension between Rayyan and Amaar. So that change, at least, makes sense.

    I do hope that they touch on the Fred/Fatima and Babar/Fatima storylines again, because those were surprisingly touching and funny.

    As for the new Rev. Thorne… At first glance it is a bonehead decision. I want to have faith in the writers here, but I think casting may have messed up, just like they did last year when they brought in Nate, and the most awful James Roday/Psych impersonation imaginable.

    Perhaps if they bring Ali back as a foil to Thorne, things might turn around. The “Islam-inator” was awesome.

    I think the best episode, in my mind, was Public Access, and it was hilarous because it went past the Christian/Muslim dichotomy and added in Judaism. The writers really should look to broadening the religious aspect of the show, and bringing in other Christian denominations, maybe Mormons, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus. A lot of comedy gold could be mined there.

  18. Like most of the previous comments, I’m also VERY DISSAPOINTED with the new season.. my husband and I were avid fans of the show, because it WAS humerous and very light-hearted. Watching the season premiere, we felt like watching the international news about conflicts between Christians and Muslims. I am a Muslim and I used to love the contents of the previous seasons.. now, it’s just the same old story again.. and not entertaining at all! Why turn an entertaining, light-hearted, cheerful, and funny show into something more “edgy”?? We don’t need more fuel on religious conflcts! I also wonder why they didn’t continue on where Amaar and Rayyan had left off.. also Fatima and Fred.. and whatever happened to Babbar’s daughter? It’s a real shame to see McGee’s character gone just like that! If the producers wanted to make the show have more “edge”, I think they’ve gone to far as to push it off the edge of the entertainment cliff!

  19. I love the show but it is not the same without Rev. McGee. Please put Rayyan and Amaar together. The tension between them is ridiculous. It is inevitable that they be together. Amaar is the one person who really understands Rayyan.

  20. I too was sadly disappointed. I am a youtube viewer from the states, and I really wish that cbc would let us watch from their website. They could get U.S. sponsors and have a link for us. I have watched every episode at least twice. In fact, it’s the only comedy I currently watch on a regular basis (unless the comic relief on NCIS counts).

    HOW are they going to redeem this new character? He is a TOTAL jerk, with no lovable qualities like Fred Tupper. I am a minister’s wife who knows the trials of small town ministry, as well as the big dreams that come with being young.

    Hey that’s it, this guy needs a girlfriend or wife. He also needs to fall on his face a few times.

    Oh well, I really hope the writers get it together on this one!

    By the way, if FOX ever gets it together for the U.S. version, it should be in Minnesota, with lots of Garrison Keiller type humor and plenty of Lutherans! St. Cloud has a significant Muslim population, so the imaginary town could take some ideas from this community.

  21. The episode began with a few laughs but it gradually became more and more uncomfortable to watch. Conflict can drive good comedy but in this instance, there’s a mean spirit to the conflict that overwhelms any laughs. I think we’ll be taking it off our DVR schedule.

  22. what was most irritating to me was that this episode moved away from the two things that were making the show stronger as the seasons went on

    1) that it was starting to feel like more of an ensemble piece, moving away from a focus on just Amaar and Rayyan, and
    2) that it was a show about real conflict, but also about community, and education, and humour that focused on not a “mainstream” community mostly I just think there are already enough shows about people like the fictional Rev Thorpe.

    I’m definitely going to stick around, but I hope these aspects of the show aren’t lost.

  23. After watching the season opener of Little Mosque I am almost at a loss for what to say. I really enjoyed the Duncan Magee character. He brought humour and warmth to the relationship between the two cultures and his friendship with Amaar was a great part of the show. At the start of the first episode it was fun to meet (and instantly dislike) the new character of William Thorne. But the ending left me feeling really disturbed and uneasy. It is one thing to want an “edginess” to a really beloved comedy, but another to provide such a message of intolerance and divisiveness from a “sermon”. I reallly hope that as the season continues that the people of Mercy rally for the return of Duncan Magee. I would be horrified if the story line has the community starting to emulate William Thorne’s bigotry and intolerance.

  24. I miss rev. Magee! I really do!
    But I understand why they brought the new rev, I just hope that somehow they bring back the old Rev.
    I miss him.
    Or at least give him a proper farewell! the fans deserve it!

    Btw — I want more of baber and fred! they are just too funny and Joe the farmer!

  25. When I watched this episode 1st time around – yes I’m sure many of us do at least a 2nd orbit – I thought as some of you that the new Reverend was too much over the top, but the more I watched the more potential I can see in this. I too love/d our dear Magee & I have a feeling we will be seeing him again ( unless the actor himself has other plans ).
    For now I’m inclined to give the good folk at CBC more credit than some may feel warranted. We are mostly running on our emotions whereas I strongly suspect the writers are enjoying steering us up a few blind alleys along the lines of the JJ wedding scenario. A little bit of fire & a tug from various directions on our emotional ‘strings’ may well lead to a very stimulating season. Meanwhile I am quite prepared to sit back – chuckle at the mini fireworks & watch the season develop. Thank you writers. I have a feeling that the ‘bait’ on the line has worked well. Now to just relax a little, although I do confess that I’m itching already to see what transpires in the coming episodes – & isn’t that how we should be feeling?

  26. I fail to see the humor in scenes like the new priest telling the muslim kid to get off the trampoline while telling the anglican kid to take all the time in the world. I know that its to portray his bias, but really…these are things that our kids go thru everyday. Do we really need another reminder of it in the half hour that we turn to your show for laughs? At the end of the episode, I don’t feel like laughing, or relaxed. I feel hatred….hatred for people of all religions who are like the new priest character. Is that the message u want to send your audience?

    Is this show a comedy that tackles issues in a light hearted manner, or is it a show that tackles the issues of the day heavyhandedly masquerading as a light hearted comedy? Where is the laughter in the new character? Someone….anyone….one of the many writers with Ms. Nawaz, please please please point out to me where to laugh when it comes to this new character. Put on a dummy laughter track so the audience can atleast know where the writers intended humor. Were the ratings going so downhill that you had to create Muslim Christian conflict on the show??? I don’t think so. Or is it that now that there’s an american spinoff in the works that u are exploring storylines deemed more suitable for american networks on a guinea pig Canadian audience???

    I used to be proud of this show, and recommended it to any and all that would listen. I know that people as far as Africa watch it on youtube. This is a catastrophe of epic proportions. The sooner Ms Nawaz and the posse of writers come to their senses, the better. Else, Lord have MERCY!

  27. What a disappointment. Not only is Rev. Thorne a mean, unlikeable character, he has absolutely no redeeming features (unlike the bigoted Fred, who clearly has a soft spot in his heart somewhere!) It was just a series of nasty, unfunny exchanges, and the last straw for me was that bloody TD Canada Trust product placement. I felt uncomfortable during the whole episode. I’m done watching this show. Why on earth did Derek McGrath leave the show?

  28. I used to enjoy the show but no more. I agree with the posts above and add my vote that adding Rev “thorn” was a horrible idea. Totally inaccurate picture of a real reverend. Not funny either – feeling too angry to laugh. After seeing these 2 episodes in the 4th season I don’t like the negative edge and meaness. I feel sorry for the actors to have such poor scripts to work with. I won’t bother watching anymore.

  29. Watched the second show, actually laughed a few times. But then here comes the new Rev to take away any humor and smiles that may have been in me and replace it with anger and frowns and disgust. Once again, towards the end of the show, I catch myself saying “What a jerk!” ever time that horrible Rev came into the scene. There are too many people like him in the world. Can’t we at least have that great fantasy show back again where people managed to listen to each other in the end agree they were being so closed minded to things that were not what they are normally use to experiencing in their everyday lives? That by listening to both sides of a situation there is always way to compromise to make all happy and satisfied in the end. This Rev won’t budge. The only thing important to him is making the world (his congregation) into exactly what he thinks it should be. Everyone, that is what is wrong with this seasons show!! We are angry that by the end of the show, the Rev doesn’t see the other side of anything and insist his way is the only way! That is NOT why we watch the show and fell in love with it! It was for the fantasy of everyone working together and living in a peaceful existence with each other and accepting that we are all different as humans and no one’s ways are better than or more important than the others. That in the end we can all live together as one and in peace. Bring Back The Old Show! PLEASE!! Give us some hope in this world filled with hatred of other peoples ways and ideas of life. Give us the PEACE we all crave in the world, even if it is just for one short half hour a week.


  31. I dislike the new character enough to stop watching. Boy was that a jump-the-shark decision if I’ve ever seen one. It WAS the only Canadian show I watched aside from HNIC, news and Marketplace.
    Big mistake CBC, you had a good thing going. If you felt the show was getting stale, maybe try bringing some more ethnic diversity to the show, (as someone already suggested).

  32. This is to Anne, (if she ever gets it). This television show isn’t going to have any answers. All this is is washed up religion without God. God sees the hearts of men and women; no matter what side of the world they live on and they are all beloved by Him because He has created them all. I’ve only seen about 15 minutes of this show but it was so depressing that I had to Google it to read the reviews. I don’t know exactly what CBC is trying to do; but i suggest they get their own RELATIONSHIP with God before the try to push religious agendas. God is so loving and beautiful how can anyone from this world really comprehend His ways. We need Him to guide us and show who He is. And He wants to! He didn’t make us to bicker about religion. He already said religion is to obey Him His commands, (basically conscience), feed the poor, and take care of the widows and the fatherless. That’s all religion was ever supposed to be! The tip of the iceberg!
    Religion is the physical expression of a spiritual state. So, if all religion is is action, how can we have true pure physical religion if we aren’t true and pure spiritually? How can we being physical; understand God, who is Spirit? It is impossible!
    That is why God had to make himself physical to show us the spiritual element of love by shedding His own blood on a cross to set us free from the spiritual consequences of our physical mistakes. It isn’t in anything we do for ourselves.

  33. I’m gone. Three weeks to see if there was going to be any change in Thorne, or any retribution for his actions. I can’t take it any more. See you next year — if you make it after this.

  34. Although Brandon Firla is a great actor, I really don’t like the tone this new season is taking. I loved Derek McGrath and his character on the show.

  35. I’m so bitterly disappointed in the direction this show has gone. My husband and I sat through the second episode tonight and almost turned it off. We have the third episode recorded and haven’t decided if we’re going to bother watching it. Little Mosque has gone from one of my favourite shows to one I put off watching. I hope someone out there actually takes the time to read our concerns and does something before it’s too late.

  36. Ammar is supposed to be a former attorney. Yet he has come off as a brainless twit against the new minister. Ammar is much smarter than that and it should be shown more. You guys really need to tone down the smarminess of the new minister as well. While he could fool a few people, he is so over the top that there is no way he could get it past that many reasonably intelligent people.

    Am I the only one who expects Thorne to burst into song at any given moment?

  37. I hope the producers are listening.

    The new season is awful. The new dynamic with Thorne makes me cringe more than laugh.

    Sorry guys… my PVR will stop recording the show very soon if things don’t change.

  38. I agree with all the others. I don’t like the new reverend and I don’t like the new show so far. Characters evolve I know, but this is too much.

  39. Tricia says: I have to agree with most of the above. I too do not like the new minister. Why on earth did you remove McGee? He played the part perfectly. I watched the first season show, but was sorely disappointed in the show. It was silly and boring and the last show I watched wasn’t any better. I use to love your show, but thinking twice about watching any of the remaining shows this season. What a shame! Bring back McGee!!

  40. I used to love Little Mosque on the Prairie and was looking forward to the new season. However, Rev. Thorne has ruined it for me and I have stopped watching. Get rid of Thorne and bring back McGee!

  41. I have also stopped watching. I don’t find the new Rev. funny and the conflict with Amaar is painful to watch. It’s also like they dropped all the plots from the last two seasons. The last episode I watched was weird and seemed like a different show.

  42. NOT A FAN of the new reverend seens like an arrogant ass . I watched the show since season one but probably wont make it through this season.

  43. I find (as many others have) the “new” reverend as a very tasteless and humorless and condescending to everyone around him. I would rather listen to Fred then him. He makes a mockery of everyone and everything he comes in contact with. How could someone like that still be in the ministry! He is a mockery to the human race. My husband and I really enjoyed watching the previous seasons and after watching the first one his season he refuses to watch another one and be subjected to being degraded by the (you can’t trust what he says or does) Rev Thorne and I am very close to joining my husband. We choose to watch Little Mosque because it was saying this is how we should work together not be as dishonest as possible. The Rev is not someone you can trust and living in smaller towns we think our word is important. This is not a show that seems to care about quality anymore but just wants shock value and maybe you will get it with new viewers but I think you have disappointed a lot of old views that made Little Mosque as popular as it was. No longer will I encourage anyone to watch it. You have greatly lost my trust also.

  44. We’ve been fans of Little Mosque since the beginning, and I think CBC had a wonderful format going on. I’m not sure what made the producers decide to oust Derek McGee, but I do hope as time goes on that the writers figure out how to tame the odious Rev. Thorne. His congregation couldn’t be that blind for long, after all, especially in a small town. His arrogance and bias is annoying, I’m not sure we can cringe through too many more episodes before we have to ditch the show. Shape up, CBC!

  45. I wholeheartedly agree with most comments. I am so disappointed. I was hoping that this show would go on forever but because of this new character, Rv. Thorne, I am no longer interested in watching the show. I have better things to do with my Monday nights than raise my stress level by getting angry at the stupidity of CBC. Better to walk the dog than stay in front of the TV.

  46. Whatever possessed the writers of “Little Mosque on the Prairie” to make such drastic changes to the show? It was perfect! It was enjoyable! It was funny! If the addition of this new reverend was supposed to ruin the show, then you have succeeded. If you wanted to lose your audience, then you have probably succeeded with this too. I keep watching hoping you will get back on track. You can begin by getting rid of Reverend Thorne, he is a very un-Christian minister. He is very irritating and needs to go!!!! I am, as many others are, very disappointed in this season of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

  47. My wife and I join all the others in expressing our dismay with Rev. Thorne. It has ruined the show for us. Please have him removed quickly. His negative attitude poisons the whole show and feeds intolerance

  48. I live near Niagara Falls so I get Canadian channels. I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled on this little gem a few years ago. I was excited and had my DVR set up for the first episode this season. I have not been able to make it through a whole episode. Reverand Thorne comes on, I try. I honestly try. Nothing against the actor, the character is just awful. I understand writers like conflict. But this is just a major turn off. And apparently from all the comments I have read, people are turning off the show.

  49. I know! You’re trying to portray Christians as annoying, grasping, hypocritical and intolerant — and Muslims as inherently good, but struggling daily with the conflicts between religious duty and daily life. Right? That is the only lesson I’m getting from Rev. Thorne, and it is just as irritating as the MSM portrayal of all Muslims as terrorists. Rev. McGee was a good man and a well-rounded human being; Thorne is a cartoon. I keep waiting for him to hit on a young boy. Bring back McGee and the original warm and loving — and yes, comedic — premise of the show.

  50. my children and I have been big fans of little mosque………….until this year. We really miss Rev Mcgee and the light comedy of the show. this year has been awful with the new reverend. He is not funny. The show is so full of hate now……..even my kids don’t like it this year. We just keep on saying “he is not nice” or “what a jerk” and last week’s racist episode about the black jesus………was it for us! we don’t want to watch anymore.

  51. In hopes that the CBC leadership reads these comments I must add my voice to the others here. I loved this show and knew that it made a difference in how people thought about their neighbours. With the changes – Thorne as the priest, Aamar losing his urban edge and some of his intelligence, no sign of Babar’s daughter and very little about Fred or Fatima or Babar – I am having trouble watching. I certainly do not recommend the show to others.

    Some of what you have had Rev. Thorne say is hateful and small-minded. There is no foil to Thorne, nothing to take him down a notch or two, remind him of his human-ness. CBC and this show needs to regain some of the subtlety and wisdom of the last seasons. Not sure how many more episodes I can handle.

    I enjoyed Rev. Magee – maybe have him come back and he can be the foil for this new guy. At the very least give Thorne more than one dimension. It is TV after all, not a comic book.

  52. Agreed! Rev. Thorne is a one-dimensional, mean-spirited and down-right annoying change to LMOTP. What a tribute to the abilities of your writers and actor that there is such uniform dislike of this chararter.

    Aptly named: he is a THORN in our sides. Axe him NOW!

  53. agree with the previous posts – thorne is a pain – the show has lost its appeal and although i keep watching hoping to see a spark of what made it so great before – i find i just feel a knot in my stomach over the interaction between thorne and others

    please give us magee again

  54. I agree with everyone. I have even turned off episodes this year. My folks turned me onto the show and even they agree. Just watched a Christmas special with Rev. Magee and it was very touching. Now they are playing one with Rev Thorne and it is awful. Even the characters have changed and it doesn’t seem to flow. I hope the producers get it as they are losing viewers every week!

  55. I also agree with the above sentiments regarding this season of Little Mosque…. My husband and I have been avid viewers and felt lucky that our cable company carried Canadian channels. Beyond the Magee/Thorne issue, the writing/directing/ even acting (where to place the blame?)this season seems abrupt and harsh rather than the warm, humorous and endearing dialogue of seasons’ past. Some dialogue/acting appears almost manic at times. If the producers are now going for hipper, tighter and faster, they have missed the mark and don’t seem to appreciate the gem that they had already created. They’ve reduced the characters’ interactions to rather cliche terse sound bites that make this viewer long for the Baber, Yasir and Mercy residents that I have previously come to enjoy. And lastly, I know all productions do it, but product placement seems more blatant than ever this year; from banking/financing to candy assortments, one can easily guess in some episodes what will be advertised during upcoming commercial breaks.

    I know change is always inevitable in life and even sadly in television-land too, but really you at Little Mosque on the Prairie, if you’re now paying attention, because your viewers certainly
    were, what the heck were and are you thinking? Didn’t you know the good thing you truly had? Your fans did.

  56. I have to join the protest against Rev. Magee leaving Mercy. I live in the states and watch each episode on a website. Since Magee’s departure, I no longer bother.

  57. I do not like like Thorn. He is not funny and makes Christians look bad. Baber, while bigoted, is funny about it. And lovable. Same with the radio guy. I will stay with the show because I love all the other characters. But now my favourite character, next to Baber, has gone missing for the last two shows. . Please bring Yasir back. I don’t want to give up on the show. I love Canadian programming (Corner Gas, Mosque, Street Legal, North of 60, ENG. Erica)

  58. I have really tried to enjoy Little Mosque this season but it is just not funny. The Thorne character is such a tired stereotype and the other really funny characters are getting lost in this silly conflict between the Rev and Amaar. The writing is mean spirited where it used to be funny. Too bad, I think this last episode did me in. Lots of other things to watch on Mondays.

  59. I miss Duncan–you need to bring him back. NOT HAPPY with Thorne. Way too confrontational and makes the show not as enjoyable.
    Also, where is Carlo Rota?? I’ve missed him in the last few episodes.

  60. He’s back in Lebanon looking after his mother and her broken hip, he may be out for awhile.

  61. Like CBC will listen to any of this. They only use our tax dollars to do what they want. I won’t be watching, recording or buying the DVD this year. Bring back Derek McGrath – or I won’t be watching LMOTP anymore.

  62. It seems that it’s a standard practice. Anything that is good heartwarming or that breeds tolerance get’s axed for this mockery. I saw the first 10 minutes of season four and had to go an look p the term irritating in regards to the new Rev. He is not funny, not sure why he was on the show, and within 10 minutes, I was put off. I recently discovered the show and spent time going over the first three seasons. I admit was disappointed that the wedding fell through. I think JJ works better with Rayyan. Still the show is well rounded due to the many characters and that made it good, thus the goal now seems to be to ruin the show. I read the comments here and really think that my first instinct is right and that I can do without watching more.

  63. I still watch the show only because I adore Sitara Hewitt….don’t know if even she can hold my loyalty much longer. Bring back Mcgee perhaps no longer with the church and have him save the day.

  64. Each week since the beginning if this season, I hope that Rev Thorne will begin to live in harmony with Amaar & the rest of his community. But the writers are still going with the gig of getting rid of Amaar rather than the unliked Rev Thorne.
    It is too bad that rather light comedy to be an example of what society could or should be, we are reminded of the cruel facts experienced in day to day life.
    I was proud of the CBC for setting an example, now I am saddened.
    Can the CBC redeem their reputation? I don’t think that I can wait any longer, it is March & Thorne gets meaner & sneeker each episode.
    Don’t make it so CBC, come out on top & do the right thing. Show Thorne for who he is & bring back McGee – or at least get rid of Thorne. PLEASE!

  65. I don’t even know where to begin — there’s just too much to say and sooooo much wrong with LMOTP now.

    Biggest mistake ever…replacing Rev. Duncan Magee. REALLY??? Wow. What dummy thought THAT was a good idea???? SERIOUSLY??? Way to annihilate the LMOTP fanbase.

    Where is Carlo Rota??? He wasn’t in a single episode this season!

    Why was Baber’s daughter Layla only in ONE episode (the LAST episode) this season?

    Why is Mayor Ann Popowicz just a “bit player” now? If I were Debra McGrath, I’d be insulted.

    Not only are my husband and I thoroughly po’d about the new Rev, but he is completely unwatchable!!! Brandon Firla is a horrible “actor”. He eats up the scenery in every scene he’s in. It’s disgusting!!!!

    The season finale was just pathetic. Oh, so nooooooooow you’re gonna give the fans what they’ve wanted all along? So Season 5 will focus on Aamar & Rayyan’s confession of love for each other…..FINALLY???!!!

    Well that’s all well and good but we won’t be tuning in to see it unfold.

    We have been fans since day one. Never missed an episode and talked a whole lot of our friends/family into watching the show. Watching this 4th season was just painful. The show has completely jumped the shark and landed squarely in the toilet as far as we’re concerned. We won’t be tuning in to season 5….if the show even gets picked up for a 5th season, considering how bad the ratings are now.

    It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for 3 great seasons of laughs. *CLICK*

  66. This season was terrible. Many of the episodes I switched after five or ten minutes. Most of the characters were changed, especially Amaar. After awhile he just turned into a doormat. And Fred, the mayor, and Layla might as well not even be on the show.

    I agree with Lynne, the finale was pathetic. Thorne has taken over the whole show, and I hate his character. The 30 seconds where Rayyan confesses was a joke. After three years, that is the big reveal???

  67. I just discovered LMOTP last year and loved it from the first episode. This season I was very disappointend to find Rev. McGee replaced by such an obnoxious new minister, who really isn’t funny at all; he’s just annoying. Also, I’m totally bummed that Carlo Rota is gone! Is he gone for good? Seriously hoping he’s returning!

  68. I actually like the new season. I was disappointed when rev. Magee was gone. But its still humorous. I find that this season has 2 extremes…. with comedy. It still is funny. But with a more analytical view…. it actually brings out what problems of hatred is in today’s world. And also has the comedic value of good trumps evil aspect to it. I still enjoy it very much.

  69. Very disappointed to see what may be the end of this show. :(
    I agree with the comments regarding the poor decision of replacing Reverend McGee with Reverend Thorne.
    Have the writers changed this season? Last season’s character development of characters other than Rayaan and Amaar were wonderful. I hope to see more of these heartwarming characters (and the return of Reverend McGee) but I have suspicions that I may have watched the last of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

  70. Although Brandon Firla does a fair job of playing the Rev at Mercy Anglican (considering he is himself, an atheist) must admit I preferred Derek McGrath’s character in that position – that character made a far more definite impact……….

  71. Boy was I mad on March 15th or what? LOL!

    Here’s an update:

    The show has (quietly) been renewed for the 5th season. Apparently Carlo Rota had prior commitments last season that kept him away from the show. It is being reported that he will return for the second half of season 5.

    Rejoice! Rev. Magee returns for at least part of the season. Too bad Firla is gonna stick around as well.

    Season 5 will focus a lot on Aamar & Rayyan’s “relationship”.

    Too bad I’m no longer interested.

  72. Disliking Thorne is only natural, folks. He’s a terrible man, a Thorne in Mercy’s side. But it was necessary for conflict to bring out the best in the characters. I’m looking forward to Rev. McGee’s return and possible spiritual growth for Thorne. Perhaps the Thornes of the world will give way to roses in the end.

  73. Wow, CBC are you trying to get the show canceled or what? Thorne is a garbage character and such a contrast to the mcgee who was loving, funny, sweet. Also, alot of the other characters have changed and some are hardly even present; fatima, fred, layla, mayor. Who were the idiot writers they had for season 4? They should be fired and never allowed in the business again!!

    they took a successful three year, unique, sweet and meaningful show, and turned it into the crap it is today. thanks for nothing cbc!

  74. I watched this show for 3 seasons. When they brought in this new reverend, I stopped watching. Tonight I was flipping channels, tuned in, didn’t see Yasir, googled him, and found out he left the show. It now has NO redeeming qualities.

  75. I was glad to see the comment saying that Yasir would be returning for the second half of season two. Here’s to hoping.

    Though I was disappointed to see Magee gone, I don’t hate Thorne. He’s not an attempt to make Christians look bad, or any of that nonsense, any more than Baber is meant to make Muslims look bad. He’s just a certain type of person who happens to be Christian and is in the story to create some of the religious conflict that we see in real life every day.

  76. Rev Thorne is not a provocative character but, instead, a poorly written and acted character. I can only watch the episodes without Thorne. Rev McGee was much more believable and enjoyable. I guess all good things must come to an end.

  77. After reading most of these comments mostly written in 2009, its hard to believe CBS is so clueless. Like someone said, was someone intentionally trying to kill the show by taking away Rev. Magee and replacing him with this awful man Rev. Thorne.

    I only discovered Little Mosque last month on Hulu and I loved it and so I just started season 4, and I so disliked this character Thorne I felt compelled to google about it in hopes that this was temporary and Rev. Magee would come back. Unfortunately, it seems his return was only brief.

    Whoever, decided to make this change, obviously was lacking in any real vision or sense of good humor. The purpose of the show was to teach tolerance and this character Thorne only brings out more anger and intolerance he is so obnoxious.

    So far Thorne makes Fred Tupper seem like a cuddly Teddy Bear. Fred says obnoxious things a lot, but it is obvious it is all show. This character Thorne seems to have no redeeming qualities at all. He takes much of the joy out of the show.

  78. Why didn’t they just stop at the end of Season 3? I JUST last week discovered Little Mosque on Hulu, and because I’m on a crazy vacation, I watched all three seasons in two weeks. LOVED it! LOVED Magee. I plan on playing the Eid/ Christmas episode for my family when I visit for the holidays. I thought it was a lovely depiction of life in a town that is small but diverse. The conflicts that exist in the rest of the world play themselves out in Mercy as they do anywhere else, but everyone is forced to see each other’s humanity because the community is so tight.

    Season Four is HORRIBLE, and it’s not just because of Thorn. It feels as though all of the characters are off. Rayyan calling JJ, learning he’s engaged, none of that ever being developed….her father acting like he can’t bear for her to move down the street……did a head writer get replaced? Why are all the characters I loved being destroyed?

  79. I just caught onto the show via Hulu just recently. I’m a religious studies major and informed the class of the show and after class we sit and discusshow innovative the show is. But when Rev. Thorne showed up, we all were at a loss.
    Who decided such a hateful, bigoted, racist character would be a good fit for the show? As of now, I’ve decided, along with several classmates that the show is no longer worth watching. Religious hatred is on the news everyday, now it”s on what used to be a wonderful show. Shame on whomever decided the Thorne character was a good idea.

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