New tonight: Defying Gravity on CTV – “Eve Ate the Apple”

defyinggravity.jpg10 p.m. – DEFYING GRAVITY – “Eve Ate the Apple” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

Entranced by a haunting song, the Antares crew is inexorably drawn to storage Pod 4 where the otherworldly Beta object revolves in an astonishing fractal dance. In Mission Control, Ajay (Zahf Paroo) and Arnel (William Vaughan) also see the strange object for the first time as Goss (Andrew Airlie) announces that they are now all sworn to secrecy about the real nature of the space mission.


4 thoughts on “New tonight: Defying Gravity on CTV – “Eve Ate the Apple””

  1. I live in the U.S. & the stopped showing Defying Gravity after last week. I love the show and am dying to keep watching. I’m having trouble finding a way to watch the episodes airing in Canada online – help!

  2. Yes, has a lot of pirated shows and movies, as I learned. I didn’t question the source until after watching DG. I was hoping it was a Canadian cable channel that someone found. Not. The TV (“Defying Gravity”) is near normal quality. The movie I checked out for 10 seconds was lousy. Just wish ABC in the lowerbrow 50 could make up its mind.

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