8 thoughts on “In the news: CTV shelves Defying Gravity”

  1. go SPACE go !

    OCT 2 8:00 PM Defying Gravity: Deja Vu

    OCT 9 8:00 PM Defying Gravity: Solitary

    OCT 16 8:00 PM Defying Gravity: Venus

    OCT 23 8:00 PM Defying Gravity: Kiss

  2. They should’ve decided whether they wanted sci-fi OR a soap opera. It was a mistake to push both at once.

    BSG was a great example of how to do soapy sci-fi that didn’t rely too heavily on melodrama.

  3. Defying Gravity: Good story. Well written. Intelligent themes. Well acted. Great set. No guns. No car chases. Canadian. Obvously fated for cancellation. The networks pulled the plug. Guess I’ll go back to reading.

  4. I just came to this site and can’t believe they would cancel this show. Is Space going to carry on with it. I love it. I find all the personal stuff great TV. As a woman I loved BSG because of all the character stuff. I really enjoy science fiction but if the characters aren’t fully evolved and the show doesn’t go into character development I lose interest in the constant. Man saves the day but we don’t know a thing about him, nor are there any relationships between the characters.

  5. I have just watched the last show and wanted more so i turned to the web to find out when i can see the next installment and stubbled on this site. I cannot believe they have cancelled the show.

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