Reviews: Life’s a Zoo, The Ron James Show

From Cameron Archer at URBMN:

  • Life’s a 1.17: “Chi’s Having a Baby
    “Teletoon has advertised the final seven episodes of Life’s a (Teletoon: 10:30 PM ET/PT starting September 20) as “lost.” No, Teletoon, they’re not lost. You just haven’t aired them yet. By that definition, the entirety of The Dating Guy and all [adult swim] shows on Teletoon bar Robot Chicken and Moral Orel are “lost.” Showcase is airing “lost episodes” of The Foundation and Paradise Falls. See where I’m going with this?” Read more.
  • The Ron James Show 1.1
    “When The Ron James Show (CBC: premiered September 25, 8:00 PM ET/PT) was announced as the replacement for Royal Canadian Air Farce, I wasn’t expecting much. The verbose Nova Scotia comic has plied his trade in a series of decreasingly entertaining CBC comedy specials.” Read more.
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