Chris & John return with Halloween Superstar

From a media release:


Chris and John are returning to OUTtv this October, with an all-new reality competition series, ‘Chris & John’s Halloween Superstar!’

In their 3 seasons of the hugely popular series “Chris & John to the Rescue!”, best friends Chris & John have carved a niche as culture aficionados and budding philanthropists, coming to the aid of people in desperate need of makeovers, matchmaking and everything in between. But this duo have decided to take on their biggest mission yet: crowning the next Halloween Superstar!

A campy romp celebrating the “gay holy holiday”, the series finds 6 contestants from across North America vying for the title of Halloween Superstar. Each week, contestants will be put through grueling challenges, testing their true love of all things witches and goblins. From elaborate pumpkin carving, to trivia, and the big finale Masquerade Ball, it will be a race to the finish!

Chris & John’s love of Halloween is met with great enthusiasm. Comments Chris, “I love Halloween in all forms – the fashions, the food and especially the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring horror films.” John concurs, “Yeah, we love Jamie Lee!” Expect to see the duo’s quirky charm infused with the macabre. “We’re experts in dark sided stuff, so our six ‘Spooktestants’, as we call them, will really have to work hard if they want to be crowed the winner,” John remarks.

Production on the 4 half-hour episodes took place this September, in Salem, Massachusetts, home of the infamous 1692 Salem Witch Trials, and currently known as the Halloween capital of the world.

An interactive website, Chris and John Online, acts as a companion to the series, featuring web-exclusive original videos, behind-the-scenes photos, episode descriptions, an interactive forum and more!

Episode 1: “Ready, Set, BOO!”

Premieres October 9th, 2009

Chris & John assemble their rag-tag group of six ‘Spooktestants’ in Salem, Massachusetts, home of the infamous 1692 Witch Trials. The first challenge is designed to test the Spooktestants’ pumpkin carving skills, but a shocking twist throws them all for a loop. Following that, they strike a pose in a photoshoot challenge, where some succeed and others fail. That night at the elimination trial, two are sent to the gallows.

Episode 2: “Fixin’ to Thrill!”

Premieres October 16th, 2009

It’s day two of the competition and already two Spooktestants have gone home. A cryptic and ominous ‘Skel-o-gram’ directs the Spooktestants to their next challenge where they’ll have to chow down on copious amounts of pumpkin pie, a staple of Halloween cuisine. Following their filling feast, the Spooktestants’ noggins are put into overdrive as they have to research and recite the history of Salem in a public exhibition. A shocking twist at the elimination trial catches everyone off guard.

Episode 3: “I’m Callin’ the Cops!”

Premieres October 23rd, 2009

The remaining Spooktestants receive scripts in their morning Skel-o-gram and are brought to the Halloween Outlet, the world’s largest outlet for Halloween stuff. Being a Halloween Superstar is all about image and marketability. Who will cut it as the host of a Halloween Outlet commercial? Later that day, another Skel-o-gram informs the Spooktestants that their biggest fears are about to come true. At that night’s elimination trial, Chris & John announce who will continue on to the thrilling finale.

Episode 4: “Vicious, Delicious and Fang-tastic!”

Premieres October 30th, 2009

Chris & John barge in on the final Spooktestants in the middle of the night to announce the details of their last challenge: to throw an elaborate Halloween party in a 24 hours. The Spooktestants are given specific tasks, but have to put aside their differences and work together if they want to pull it all off. One Spooktestant has a catastrophic problem that threatens their position in the competition. At the final elimination trial, Chris & John crown their Halloween Superstar!