Jason Priestley to star in Meet Phil Fitz

From a media release:

E1 Entertainment, Amaze Film and Television  and Big Motion Pictures are proud to announce the signing of television star Jason  Priestley for The Movie Network and Movie Central’s new half‐hour series “Meet  Phil Fitz,” shooting in Halifax. Jason Priestley will play Phil Fitz, a charismatic preowned car salesman who pushes the boundaries of acceptable behavior just a few  steps too far…

“It’s a great chance to get back to Canada and flex some comedic muscles,”  quipped Priestley. “I get to play a guy who is the embodiment of Freud’s ‘id.’  The writing is sharp, edgy and so fast it leaves you gasping for air. You don’t  often have a chance to get paid to be morally bankrupt.”

Scheduled to air on The Movie Network and Movie Central in 2010, “Meet Phil  Fitz” is a screwball black comedy created by writer and Executive Producer  Sheri Elwood (“Defying Gravity”). Set against the backdrop of a family‐owned dealership, the series focuses on the exploits of Phil when, after he botches a test drive and puts a customer in a coma, finds himself face to face with a new salesman on the lot, LARRY, a do‐gooder claiming to be his ‘conscience.’ If Phil is a man who lives for the moment, Larry’s the foil, ready to pick up (and refurbish) the wreckage he leaves behind. If the “Odd Couple” had substance abuse problems and sold cars this would be that show.

Canadian actor Jason Priestley has just finished filming the BBC mini‐series “The Day of the Triffids.” He has carved out memorable roles on both the big and small screens including “My Name is Earl,” “Medium,” and “Beverley Hills, 90210.”


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