The Tudors makes tardy return to Canada

From Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings:

  • The King Waits for the Fall Season: The Tudors Season 3 makes CBC Debut
    “CBC is starting its airing of the third season of their (and Showtime’s) The Tudors (starting tonight at 9pm) six months after its April debut in the States. It’s an awkward position for the network to be in, as hardcore fans of the series have likely done their best to seek out the episodes already, and even if they aren’t the type to take part in such illegal activities there are reviews and episode summaries available for one and all. Plus, the Season 3 DVDs (distributed by separate companies in the U.S. and Canada) will actually release in this country a week ahead of the finale’s airing on CBC, which makes the show seem that much more ‘late’ in internet terms.” Read more.

2 thoughts on “The Tudors makes tardy return to Canada”

  1. All the episodes from season three will also be available to watch on your computer, iPhone or Blackberry — from Mobovivo. On the same schedule as the CBC. To download, go to

    Episode one is now available.

    Mobovivo is a Canada-based online service which licenses and sells TV shows for viewing on laptops and smartphones.

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