In the news: Judging Battle of the Blades

From Lindsey Ward of Sun Media:

  • Ex-NHLers take spin at figure skating
    “Considering that it takes place entirely on ice, CBC’s Battle of the Blades isn’t the smoothest show around. Technical glitches, a script snafu and a one-track-minded guest judge plagued the new reality TV series’ premiere on Sunday night.” Read more.

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

From Anh Khoi Do:

  • TV: Thoughts On ‘Battle of the Blades’
    “Best performances (no order of preference): Tie Domi/Christine “Tuffy” Hough-Sweeney (alhtough I, as a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, grew up loathing Domi who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs); Glen Anderson/Isabelle Brasseur; Ron Duguay/Barbara Underhill; Claude Lemieux/Shae-Lynn Bourne (okay, Lemieux lacked finesse while he was shaking his hips).” Read more.