In the news: Michael Riley of Being Erica

Erica0941From Brian Gorman of the Sudbury Star:

  • Being Dr. Tom – the curtain lifts
    “At least now people are going to stop asking Michael Riley if he’s the devil. For the first season of Being Erica, Riley’s character, the time-traveling shrink Dr. Tom, was inscrutable, weird and a little bit menacing, leading more than one viewer to wonder if he weren’t more than he seemed.” Read more.
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3 thoughts on “In the news: Michael Riley of Being Erica”

  1. I love Michael Riley , he is a very talented actor , in fact he is the reason I watch Being Erica and he was

    This is Wonderland ( although the entire cast was amazing )

    I am true fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cheers to you Michael !!!!

  2. Great actor.
    Very suspenseful movie.
    One minute I was laughing..the next minute I’d be on the edge of the chair.
    Sophie G.(actress, producer,director)great in all her movies!

  3. I love Michael Riley i went mad after watching him on being Erica wow. I have seen him before but never really noticed him. if he wasnt married and if he was younger (I am 34 and he is 48) I would fly directly to Canada whahahahahaha :)

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