New tonight: Defying Gravity on Space – “Venus”


8:00 PM
It’s the day of the Venus landing, a historic and dangerous event likely to alter the lives of everyone involved.


One thought on “New tonight: Defying Gravity on Space – “Venus””

  1. This is a great show. It’s the first series depicting astronauts as people first, and not just occupations. I’m hoping they can continue doing it without American participation.
    “Venus” was an important episode. My only disappointment is they’ve abandoned realism for drama. The time lag for communication between the Antares and Earth was mentioned in earlier episodes, but ignored here. At its closest, Venus is over 2 light-minutes from Earth. They couldn’t hold a real-time discussion between Mission Control and the Venus Lander, because there’s too little time allocated for the entire mission! By the time the argument finished, the lander would already have landed, crashed, or aborted.

    I understand the dramatic needs of the series, but they should have found a better way of handling this. Maybe letting the Antares crew handle the argument instead.

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