Ratings: Battle of the Blades ‘taps into zeitgeist’

BladesFrom Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter:

  • ‘Battle of the Blades’ picks up speed
    “Talk about TV that taps into the zeitgeist. Battle of the Blades, a new reality competition series that has hockey heroes mastering graceful ice dance routines with figure skating champs, has become a ratings winner for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Think Canada, and ice naturally comes to mind. And the CBC has scored as hockey-mad Canadians watch retired NHL greats get schooled in leading and lifting — and hopefully not dropping — former Olympic female figure skaters.” Read more.
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One thought on “Ratings: Battle of the Blades ‘taps into zeitgeist’”

  1. Oh, wow! Probably the most important part of the article is at the end: “Blades” might find its way in other countries. Kinda awesome for a Canadian show.

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