Brent Butt’s Hiccups in production

From a media release:

Production Begins on CTV’s HICCUPS, a New Original Comedy Series From Brent Butt

  • CORNER GAS alum Nancy Robertson cast in lead role
  • Brent Butt returns to helm his latest project as creator, writer, show runner, executive producer and co-star
  • Production now underway in Vancouver, BC

CTV, in association with The Comedy Network and Sparrow Media, announced today that principal photography is underway on the original comedy series, HICCUPS, in Vancouver, BC. From the star and mastermind behind CTV’s hit comedy CORNER GAS, Brent Butt returns to helm his latest project as creator, writer, executive producer and co-star. The 13-part, half-hour series stars the hilarious Nancy Robertson (CORNER GAS) as the lead character and will continue production through November. HICCUPS is the second CTV/The Comedy Network comedy series to begin production this month, the first being DAN FOR MAYOR, starring Fred Ewanuick (CORNER GAS, ROBSON ARMS).

In HICCUPS, Robertson plays the role of Millie Upton, a children’s author with anger management issues and other emotional “hiccups”, who seeks guidance from less-than-qualified life coach Stan Dirko (Brent Butt). It’s a case of the lost leading the lost, with the best of intentions and very little chance of success, which is a recipe for hilarity. The series regulars include Laura Soltis (THE GUARD), David Ingram (SMALLVILLE), Emily Perkins (Ginger Snaps) and Paula Rivera (FLASHPOINT).

Millie is a wildly successful children’s author but socially unpredictable, prone to sudden outbursts of laughter, sadness, or rage, traits that her publisher Joyce (Soltis) tries unsuccessfully to keep under wraps. Her slick but useless agent (Ingram) is in way over his head, while Crystal (Perkins), the highly opinionated young slacker receptionist at Haddison House, doesn’t do much for the publishing company’s image. The good hearted Stan just wants to help people, while his wide-eyed and slightly confused wife Anna (Rivera) does her best to support his impractical dream of spontaneously becoming a life coach.

HICCUPS is produced by Sparrow Media in association with CTV and The Comedy Network. Brent Butt is creator, writer, show runner and executive producer. Executive producers are Laura Lightbown (DAVINCI’S INQUEST, INTELLIGENCE) and David Storey (CORNER GAS), who also directs numerous episodes. Producers are Nancy Robertson and Arvi Liimatainen (INTELLIGENCE). The Director of Photography is Ken Krawczyk (CORNER GAS) and the Production Designer is Matthew Budgeon (MEN IN TREES). Michelle Daly is the Director of Content, The Comedy Network and Susanne Boyce is President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. World-wide distribution rights are held by Thunderbird Films in association with Group M Entertainment.


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  1. What a piece of trash!! Where is the humour? Same names, same faces, same terrible acting.

    I guess CTV’s claim to support Local TV is more like another bailout to this hack of an actor/writer/creator.

    Mike Bullard was 1000x funnier than this buffoon.

    When is the cancellation date?

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