New tonight: Defying Gravity on Space – “Kiss”

defyinggravity.jpg8 p.m.
After landing on the burning surface of Venus, Zoe walks toward a sound only she can hear, drawn by her destiny into almost certain destruction.


5 thoughts on “New tonight: Defying Gravity on Space – “Kiss””

  1. I can’t believe it’s happened yet again. Another fabulous show cancelled before it even got started. Does no one realize that it takes at LEAST a year in order to bring the past, present and future together in ensemble shows?

    This was the best episode EVER – and left so many questions unanswered. I can’t believe we’ll never know. I’m disgusted this show has been shelved.

    This is not just about action, and shoot-em-up – it’s about people and a sci-fi plan that only became obvious half way through what they now call a season – 13 episodes. There are so many shows on the air that they keep bringing back, despite the fact that I, any many of my friends, have never watched one episode. It seems the kiss of death for a TV Show is that I happen to like it!

    Is there nothing that can be done? Can we write someone? Email someone? Anything?

  2. I loved this show. I don’t really watch much on TV, but this was one of those show that was just a nice blend of drama, sci-fi and some knee-jerk style reality that made me actually look forward to the next episode.

    I have a hard time watching the mindless stuff. Except, of course, “Family Guy”. That was cancelled, once.

  3. I’m extremely disappointed the show is cancelled. My husband and I were drawn to it almost immediately and didn’t miss one episode. The last episode left us hungry for more. Hope they will bring it back, I’ve read a lot of disappointed comments on different channel’s websites.

  4. Come On. I live overseas and was only able to see the first season in 2010. I even bought the DVD of season 1 to see what I missed. After the Venus Episode, I was anxiously awaiting season 2. Then I read it was cancelled in the U.S. but held out hope that the Canadians would show more sense. Maybe we can get the Sci Fi channel to pick it up. It feels like FireFly all over. Maybe they’ll make movies of the following seasons.

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