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The Conventioneers_credit BITE TVFrom a media release:

THE CONVENTIONEERS  BITE Original Series Continues

Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET (30 min.)
Saturdays and Sundays at noon ET (30 min.)

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Reviled outlaws or comedic masterminds? Viewers can decide as co-hosts Jason Agnew & Matt Chin crash the trade show circuit. What Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are to weddings in Wedding Crashers are what Jason and Matt are to trade shows in The Conventioneers. In their signature no-holds-barred style the lads stick it to another hoard of geeky cosplayers and merchandise floggers who are taking themselves waaay too seriously. Each 30-minute edition features the duo on the ground at a new convention where their spontaneous street sketches test the patience of anyone within mic shot. Tension mounts each segment as targets attempt to remain poised while their hot buttons get pushed. From a tighty whitie pool dive at The Hobby Show to a fake sword fight that led to an all out war with Anime North, these mischief makers have somehow managed to evade serious punishment. Now they’re back to walk the fine line between funny and getting fined as they infiltrate and poke fun at every expo in their path.