5 thoughts on “Thursday ratings: The Border at 443,000”

  1. I’ve always felt this show was too contrived to me for regular viewing. Too slick. Add to the fact that it basically killed off ‘Intelligence’, and I was not a fan from the get-go. Especially when the hot-shot, over-hyped, over-acted American gal showed up.

  2. I’m ashamed to say I quit watching The Border this year. We have one TV in our house and too many people who like certain shows on Thursday night. Between Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Private Practice and Survivor, The Border gets lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, I can’t watch The Border online because it won’t work with my internet connection–last year it did but suddenly I quit being able to watch CBC TV online.

  3. Great Show. Intelligent, dynamic, engaging, relevant and obviously Canadian. Clearly one of the better programs on television. I am sick and tired of the dull, predictable and insultingly unintelligent CSI/Law & order style crap that grabs the ratings and dominates the American networks that SPAM the Home our Home and NBrave


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