In the news: Critic fires back when Stargate Universe criticism criticized

From Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune:

  • A ‘Stargate Universe’ producer takes issue with criticism of the show. Here’s my response
    “If I seem passionate in my disappointment in “Stargate Universe,” that’s only because, in my experience, people are more intensely disappointed by things they had high hopes for. I’m not demanding that “SGU” to be a clone of past “Stargate” shows nor am I secretly expecting it to be another “Battlestar.” I just wanted “SGU’s” characters and stories to emotionally or intellectually engage me. That’s all I ask of any show. That hasn’t happened. You are of course entitled to your opinion of my Stargate Universe review and my comments about the show in the V piece. But people who have seen the show are also entitled to their opinions. I wish I got the sense that those who who have problems with the show were being truly heard by the Stargate writer/producers.” Read more.

The original review:

  • Desperate survivors get lost in ‘Stargate Universe’
    “In the print ads for “Stargate Universe” (8 p.m. Central Friday, Syfy; two stars), a clean-cut young man in a military uniform runs toward the camera, away from danger. I’ve now seen five hours of the show and still don’t feel all that invested in the the fate of 1st Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith). Theoretically, I should — he’s one of the show’s lead characters. ” Read more.