In the news: The not-so-glamorous life of the average Canadian actor

From Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail:

  • The Geminis: buddy, can you spare a tux?
    “Talk to anyone who’s helmed a top show, and you hear countless tales of the pay-your-dues-reality of most working actors’ day-to-day existence – like the bloke with a guest role on a hit TV series who couldn’t afford a tux for the Geminis, so had to rent one. Or the gal on a prime-time comedy who blew her monthly budget on acting classes and had to borrow a little black dress. And another actor, with a recurring role on yet another weekly cop show, who almost missed his plane because he was doing voiceover work as a crusty, old panda in a kid’s cartoon. In today’s less-than-booming entertainment economy, they are being squeezed even more, not less.” Read more.