New tonight: Degrassi on CTV – “Heart Like Mine”

d9_ep_911_912_10157 p.m. – DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION – “Heart Like Mine, Part 1” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

KC’s (Sam Earle) living the high school dream as the basketball team made it to the provincial finals and he finally has a mentor who gets him – Coach Carson (Damon Runyan, Cheaper by the Dozen 2). The only person raining on his parade is Clare (Aislynn Paul), and since they’ve been growing apart, KC’s really confused. Meanwhile, Marco’s (Adamo Ruggiero) back at Degrassi completing a teacher’s placement. When Holly J (Charlotte Arnold) begins to walk all over the “buddy teacher”, Marco struggles to be seen as the ultimate cool teacher – only to learn something about teacher-student boundaries.

7:30 p.m. – DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION – “Heart Like Mine, Part 2” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

With the final basketball game approaching, pressure is at an all-time high and Coach Carson has really taken KC (Sam Earle) under his wing. After spending some one-on-one time with Carson going over plays, KC begins to question if their relationship is inappropriate. Meanwhile, Declan (Landon Liboiron) has become Mr. High School – producing the musical, dating student council president Holly J (Charlotte Arnold) – and Fiona (Annie Clarke) can’t help but make fun of him. To Declan’s surprise, Fiona takes his advice to get involved and auditions for the musical. Sav (Raymond Ablack) and Anya (Samantha Munro) don’t think Fiona has the chops for it, but Declan won’t hear it. Will protecting Fiona only hurt her more in the long run?


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  1. i think it is unfair that canada on gets to watch the new degrassi episodes before us. they should air it at the same time because it isn’t fair. I want to watch heart like mine part 2 too. No but instead i have to wait another week.

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