New tonight: Rick Mercer Report on CBC wtih wheelchair rugby team

rick-mercer063.jpgTuesday, November 17 at 20:00 content for RICK MERCER REPORT, repeating Friday, November 20 at 20:30:

This week Rick is in London, ON training with members of Canada’s national wheelchair rugby team. Later, he goes to Toronto’s Royal Winter Fair and checks out some ‘super dogs’ in action — a wide variety of canines who dance, catch frisbees and perform other amazing feats.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Rick Mercer Report on CBC wtih wheelchair rugby team”

  1. Hi Rick, I am a REAL fan and love your weekly escapades. To-night in London, ON you (and the guys) kept referring to them as quadraplegics. To my knowledge, a quad. has no use of legs or arms. A paraplegic has no use of legs but use of arms.
    Allison Singer

  2. Hello Rick,

    Tonite’s 17 November, show pissed me off. I was with UN in 1972 in Israel/Syria. Later, my wife & I met the Queen Mother, Honarary Colonel of the Canadian Forces Medical Services. Sorry man, you were way off base when you slight either the Canadian Forces Med Svcs, or the Royals. We serve under their banner, we pledge allegiance, and we mean it. Rick, I admire and appreciate your working/volunteering with our Canadian Forces, but expect your respect for our Queen and Country.

    Ron Blank, Master Warrant Officer, Canadian Forces, CFMS, Retired

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