The Listener picked up for second season

From a media release:


Shaftesbury Films is thrilled to announce its one-hour drama series THE LISTENER has been renewed for a second season by SPACE, CTV, and Fox International Channels (FIC). Shine International will be distributing. Starring Craig Olejnik as ‘Toby Logan’, THE LISTENER follows the adventures of a 25-year-old telepathic paramedic as he moves from crisis to crisis.

“THE LISTENER is proof positive that SPACE and CTV are committed to creating and supporting successful and popular television,” said Christina Jennings, Chairman and CEO, Shaftesbury Films. “Their renewed commitment to THE LISTENER ensures the international partnership led by Fox International Channels and Shine International for the next 13 episodes of this hit Canadian series.”

“The first season of THE LISTENER delivered solid numbers in many of our markets,” said Sharon Tal Yguado, SVP of Content Development at Fox International Channels (FIC). “We are excited about a second season and look forward to working with our creative partners to continue to develop the show to its maximum potential.”

“Thanks to our partnership with Shaftesbury and Fox International, we created a new and different financing model that brought THE LISTENER to viewers in every country of the world. We’re excited to continue this partnership on Season 2 of THE LISTENER and we look forward to working with our partners to ensure the ongoing success of the series,” said John Pollak, Executive Vice President of Shine International.

Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik- The Timekeeper, In God’s Country) is THE LISTENER, a 25-year-old telepathic paramedic. His sole confidant and mentor Dr. Ray Mercer (Colm Feore, 24, Changeling) guides Toby as he learns to use his gift for the benefit of people around him.

The online companion site created for Season one of THE LISTENER was recently nominated as Best Cross-Platform Project by the Canadian New Media Awards for excellence in interactive enhancement of a television property on digital platforms. THE LISTENER Online Experience was created by Shaftesbury’s Digital Division Smokebomb Entertainment and A51 Integrated in conjunction with SPACE and CTV and with the assistance of the Bell New Media Fund and allows visitors to experience the world as Toby Logan does and “hear” people’s thoughts and see their inner-visions. Set in a 360 degree panoramic recreation of Toronto’s Dundas Square, the site received weekly updates with interactive features, online exclusive video and previews of upcoming episodes.


14 thoughts on “The Listener picked up for second season”

  1. I am happy for everyone that works on this show. CTV know how to take care of there own unlike the CBC.

  2. thank you CTV. Totally hooked on this show. Only thing is that I am from the US and I don’t think I will be able to see it in out TV network here… :-(

  3. Hey Rica :)

    Most tv shows can be found at their own websites if not on torrent sites too – I was able to watch the entire first season before it had even finished airing on TV!

    Keep your chin up…where there’s a will, there’s a way! ;)

  4. I’m going to have to move to Canada if they don’t pick it up here in the US. Too bad, I like the beach and warm weather…

  5. just to let you know canada is not that cold. and when is it going to come back ive like waited two years!!

  6. omg………ilove y so much carig….omg i cant blivie it a sacond season thank you ctv

  7. omg………ilove y so much carig….
    omg i cant blivie it a sacond season thank you ctv

  8. love the listener, i watched every episode, but i don’t have much patience for season two! does anybody know when the season two begins? (in canada)
    ps. in canada we have beaches too!

  9. in my case i am from dominican republic , that movie is not broadcasted in my country so i see it by internet and i would like to know where there is a web site to see season 2. this is just one of my favorites series.
    i also like heroes, the mentalist, kyle xy and smallville.

  10. I watch all of season 1 of the Listener on CTV online. I’ve been looking for a season 2, or when it starts. Has a date been given yet? Anyone know I love this show, it AWESOME!!

  11. I watch all of season 1 of the Listener on CTV online. I’ve been looking for a season 2, or when it starts. Has a date been given yet? Anyone know I love this show, it AWESOME!!

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