APTN to air Dinosapien

APTN Premiere: Dinosapien

If the dinosaurs had not died out, would they have fulfilled their evolutionary destiny and become intelligent creatures? When an earthquake in the Canadian Badlands opens a temporary portal into an underground world, four teenagers Lauren, Courtney, Kit and Chris discover in fact dinosaurs did not die out and have evolved beneath the Earth, out of sight. Only now they’re back, but are they friend or foe and what does their re-appearance have to do with Lauren’s Dad, who vanished over a year ago, and Kit’s mysterious Uncle Ten Bears? This thrilling series sets new standards in CGI and combines fantastic adventure with the highs and lows of teenage relationships.

Dinosapien will air on Mondays, starting November 30 at:
4:30 pm ET on APTN East

And on Sundays, starting December 6 at:
1 pm MT on APTN West