New tonight: Being Erica on CBC – “Papa Can You Hear Me”

When Erica asks Dr. Tom to step in and help Kai, Dr. Tom allows his anger to take over, sending him on his own session back to the day he last saw his daughter.  He realizes that all relationships change – and forcing them, only makes matters worse.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Being Erica on CBC – “Papa Can You Hear Me””

  1. Can anybody tell me the name of the actor who portrayed Larry Horovitz (I think that was the character’s name) on last night’s episode? He was the columnist Erica went to see at the National Post who wrote unflattering reviews on the book “The None”. He looks a lot like Alan Thicke, but I know it’s not him. Thanks.

  2. Boothe Savage

    Being Erica is excellent in the actors/ cast Erica, Dr Tom Barb Gary et al

    The writing is super

    Your number 1 fan


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