In the news: Creator Malcolm MacRury of Cra$h & Burn

From Martin Patriquin of Maclean’s magazine:

  • In this show, the hero really sweats: Gangsters, insurance money, and two Canuck alums of HBO’s Deadwood and The Wire
    “The show was born out of horror stories MacRury heard from a friend of a friend in the industry. HBO commissioned a pilot in 2001 but ultimately passed, though the script caught the eye of Deadwood creator David Milch, who brought MacRury on to write for the first season of the acclaimed series. MacRury was privy to Milch’s foibles as well as his approach to writing dialogue: he does it out loud as assistants type his words. When MacRury first went down to L.A. to meet Milch, he found the director in his office lying on the ground, reading Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men out loud. Milch offered MacRury some ‘walking around money’ from a wad in his pocket. MacRury demurred—until Milch looked him in the eye and said, ‘I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t take money.’ MacRury took to ‘drinking in the morning just to go to work.'” Read more.