2 thoughts on “New tonight: Being Erica on CBC – “The Importance of Being Erica””

  1. It’s too bad about ‘Erica.’ I try repeatedly to watch this show and I want to like it but each time I get the same result: a lacklustre effort that simply doesn’t hold me for more than a few minutes. Unfortunately, ‘Being Erica’ is not a very good television show. The lead is sensational but she deserves so much more. I find the stories banal and most of the supporting cast are simply not in her league. I enjoyed the pilot episode but subsequent shows have spiralled downward. I hope the CBC has the good sense to drop ‘Erica’ and find a new showcase for the talented lead actress.

  2. I can’t diagree more. From the first time I watched the show I was hooked. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode. I find they all have a deep meaning and cause me to look a my life situations through a different eye. Can’t wait for Season 2!!

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