Who is Canada’s Worst Driver? Season finale Monday

gpm_1017(1)From a media release:

Three Delinquent Drivers Still in the Running for the Unlucky Title in the Season Finale of Discovery Channel’s #1 Series, Mon., Dec. 14

  • With a season-to-date average of over 700,000 viewers, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 is the highest-rated series in Discovery Channel’s history*
  • CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 generates a traffic jam online too, with over 500,000 video streams delivered at www.worstdriver.ca since the season premiere
  • Missed an episode? Before Monday’s shocking finale, catch up on Episodes 1-7 in a CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 Marathon on Sun., Dec. 13

And then there were three. Last night, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 said goodbye to Jakob as he joined the ranks of this season’s other participants who’ve returned to the open road as improved drivers. After his Episode 7 elimination, Charlottetown’s Jakob – and Jojo (Montreal, Que), Melissa (St. John, NB), Crystal (Windsor, ON), and Father Giles (Richmond, ON) – are NOT Canada’s Worst Driver.

So who is? Is it Mike (pictured)? Will it be Angelina? Or will Arun be burdened with the ill-fated title of Canada’s Worst Driver? The shocking season finale – airing Monday, December 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT – will reveal which of the three drivers remains the least improved and is pronounced Canada’s Worst Driver.

Who is CANADA’S WORST DRIVER? Mike? Angelina? Or Arun?

Find out in the Season Finale, Mon., Dec. 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

In a landmark season that featured a punk rocker and a Roman Catholic priest among its participants, the 5th year of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER has been a smash hit for Discovery Channel. A perennial favourite with viewers, the first four seasons of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER ranked consistently among the Top 5 programs on Discovery Channel. And just when you thought CANADA’S WORST DRIVER couldn’t get any better – or “worse” – it did just that! The October 26 premiere drew a record-shattering 823,000 P2+ viewers and claimed the highest-recorded audience in Discovery’s history; subsequent episodes have averaged 718,000 P2+ viewers, maintaining its rank as the #1 series in Discovery Channel history. CANADA’S WORST DRIVER at 10 p.m. ET on Monday nights is the #1 program on specialty television across Canadian and U.S. channels (excluding sports)*.

And what makes CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 such a breakout hit, regularly attracting audiences bigger than some conventional channels (including Global’s HEROES and CBC’s newly relaunched THE NATIONAL**)? Compelling – and at times, cringe-inducing – CANADA’S WORST DRIVER features dangerous drivers on the road to rehabilitation. With host and series writer Andrew Younghusband as our guide, eight disastrous drivers – each nominated by a friend, family member or colleague during a national search – are put through their paces in a controlled driving environment and evaluated by a panel of driving experts. Can professional coaching and a little cajoling help to curb their bad behind-the-wheel behaviours? At Driver Rehab, they are put through a series of driving challenges designed to improve their skills and knowledge. Driving basics – such as parallel parking, nighttime navigation, lane changing and knowledge of road signs – plus more advanced or “infamous” challenges, including the Reverse Figure 8 and the Water Tank Challenge, were featured this season. And one by one, five drivers have earned the right to return to the open highway, leaving three of the least-improved participants “vying” for the regrettable title of Canada’s Worst Driver during Monday night’s finale. They are:

· Mike, from Regina, SK, admits to over 24 minor hit-and-run accidents. He has a fear of reversing and until recently would have other people back up his car. He will not spend more than $300 on a car and has had 11 vehicles in the past 12 years. Mike feels bad driving is hereditary; it runs in his family.

· Angelina, from Sudbury, ON, is a hazard on the road. This “stay-at-home” girlfriend has difficulty reversing, parking, driving at night and simply staying focused while behind the wheel. Angelina is full of surprises.

· Arun, from Windsor, ON, learned to drive in India. He’s only been driving in Canada for a year-and-a-half and has difficulty understanding Canadian driving rules. Arun also has difficulty reversing, staying in his lane and parking in one spot. In short, any type of driving is a challenge for him.

Didn’t buckle up for the premiere and feel like you’ve missed the ride? With the outrageous finale just days away, it’s not too late to merge into the fast lane and catch up as Discovery Channel presents a CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 Marathon on Sunday, December 13, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (12 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT). Over the course of a seven-episode marathon, see how these eight disastrous drivers fared on the road to rehabilitation, from the first key in the ignition to the final slamming of the brakes. Then fasten your seatbelt for Monday’s finale – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Season 5’s drivers might be wreaking havoc on the road, but it’s the viewers causing all the traffic online! Since the season premiere in October, www.worstdriver.ca has delivered over 500,000 video streams!*** What’s more, these couch-seat drivers aren’t slowing down. Check out the Exhaust Pipe and read more than 1,600 comments posted by viewers on all things DRIVER. With access to full episodes, bonus footage and behind-the-scenes photos, it’s no wonder fans are jamming the site. Looking for even more WORST DRIVER experience? Take a crash course on CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 online where you’ll find the first six episodes, plus bonus clips to help get up to speed with the drivers their nominators (the thrilling final two episodes will be posted too, one week following broadcast). Go to www.worstdriver.ca and see what all the commotion is about!