Review: Being Erica season finale “too pat”

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Being Erica Goes Through the Green Door
    “The ending was a little too pat, leaving this series at a point where anything could happen next. Too much of anything, actually; there was no hook left to tease you where it might all lead. You could hand this series off to a whole other room full of writers at this point, or make it a half hour, or put a bow on it and thank the half million who tune in faithfully each week with promises of a season two DVD set.” Read more.

2 thoughts on “Review: Being Erica season finale “too pat””

  1. Just my opinion but, based on subtle comments throughout the season, it is her office. Just like Dr. Tom (office in the same hallway), she was given therapy, and now her payment is giving therapy to someone else (as a comment was made by Dr. Tom’s therapist saying “you havent explained the deal to her yet have you?”. I think next season she has a patient, much like Dr. Tom did for her.

  2. I actually think this last episode was very interesting – at least its not the same ol’ writing that we see on say, “The Border”…. Interesting observation from “B”, I’d think something very similar – oh, and Bill Brioux – outside of a very small exterior scene, the rest of this episode was shot no where near the University of Toronto. Perhaps this is a testament to the excellent locations/set decoration and art departments on this show – fooled even an alma mater!

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