Less Than Kind season two to air on HBO Canada

From a media release:


Astral Media’s The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central (Western Canada) have secured full rights to the critically acclaimed, award-winning Canadian comedy series LESS THAN KIND, produced by Breakthrough Films & Television and Buffalo Gal Pictures. The new second season will premiere on Friday, February 19 at 8:30 p.m. ET/MT on HBO Canada, a multiplex channel of The Movie Network and Movie Central. Subscribers will also have the opportunity to catch the entire first season on The Movie Network OnDemand and Movie Central On Demand beginning Tuesday, February 23.

LESS THAN KIND follows Sheldon Blecher (Jesse Camacho: The Trotsky, Tales from the Never Ending Story, 12 and Holding), a smart, fat teenager growing up as the only sane adult in a family of children in Winnipeg. His family consists of Sam, a self-destructive driving instructor father (Maury Chaykin: Barney’s Version, Blindness, Adoration), Anne, a pyromaniac mother (Wendel Meldrum: Seinfeld, The Wonder Years, Cruel But Necessary) and Josh, a handsome egotistical brother (Benjamin Arthur: The L Word, That One Night). With the frigid Winnipeg winter as a backdrop, the volatile Blechers struggle to stay together and revive the failing family business, Blecher’s Driving School.

In season two, Sam Blecher is knocking on Death’s door, but even Death doesn’t answer when Sam Blecher comes knocking. As a result, Anne’s anxiety is ratcheted up as she tries to be matriarch, nurse, entrepreneur and housewife. As the turmoil at home escalates, Josh is torn between his duties to his family, himself, his girlfriend – but mostly himself, while Sheldon deals with seismic developments of his own. Through it all, Aunt Clara (Nancy Sorel) is the only somewhat sober, somewhat sane family member holding it together.

Guest stars in season two include Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall), George Wendt (Cheers), Shaun Majumder (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Jennifer Irwin (Eastbound & Down), Patrick McKenna (The Red Green Show), Paul Soles (Terminal City), Susan Coyne (Slings & Arrows), and Henry Czerny (The Tudors). Bruce MacDonald (Pontypool) joins the team of directors which include Kelly Makin (Flashpoint, Brain Candy) and James Dunnison (Robson Arms).

“We are thrilled to be bringing LESS THAN KIND to The Movie Network and Movie Central. My previous experience with these premium pay TV services on Slings & Arrows was beyond positive. LESS THAN KIND is a creatively ambitious show with a superb cast and a distinct comedic tone the likes of which The Movie Network and Movie Central have always embraced. This feels like we are coming home,” says Mark McKinney.

LESS THAN KIND is written and co-executive produced by Winnipeg homeboy Marvin Kaye and Vancouver-born Chris Sheasgreen who created the series based on Kaye’s one-act play, They Have Mayonnaise in Montreal. The series show runner is Mark McKinney. LESS THAN KIND is produced by Paula J. Smith (Metropia, Paradise Falls) and executive produced by Peter Williamson and Ira Levy for Breakthrough Films & Television (Kenny vs. Spenny, Paradise Falls) and Phyllis Laing for Buffalo Gal Pictures (Haunting in Connecticut, Amreeka, Tracy Fragments, My Winnipeg), Mark McKinney, Marvin Kaye and Chris Sheasgreen. Rob Sheridan (Corner Gas) is the Consulting Producer. The series writers are Mark McKinney, Garry Campbell, Marvin Kaye, Chris Sheasgreen, Jenn Engels and Jennifer Beasley.


9 thoughts on “Less Than Kind season two to air on HBO Canada”

  1. We don’t have cable TV.
    Will Less Than Kind be returning to CITY-TV Toronto?
    If so, does anybody know when?

  2. I loved the first season and am anxious to watch the new season–the series deserves to be released on DVD!

  3. If you want to see it on DVD send your emails to Breakthrough Film and Television and tell them to start distributing it.

  4. I love this show! Its a pity it will be airing on HBO. Only because now I have to buy HBO and I’m poor. I hope the show continues for a long time. Please release on DVD!

  5. That sucks. It’s like heroin…the first hit is free.

    (I bet all these guest stars ruin it anyway.)

  6. Was hoping CityTV would be brave enough to continue airing it.
    I have no cable television and have resorted to browsing the net to find my fix. :)

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