In the news: Allan Hawco on Republic of Doyle

From CBC News:

  • Doyle combines mystery, laughs on the Rock
    “Newfoundland and Labrador actor and director Allan Hawco spent 10 years nurturing the idea of a show about a St. John’s-based private detective agency. Hawco, born in Goulds, N.L., is the writer, creator and star of Republic of Doyle, one of two new comedy-dramas beginning this week on CBC Television. The other is 18 to Life.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Allan Hawco on Republic of Doyle”

  1. I have some great ideas for the show. Benny is from St Anthony and Benny’s Dad wants to got back there for a visit. Benny joins him” punk like he is”. Benny meets up with his old Dart league buddies. Being from Nfld everyone is in a dart league. instead of Texas Holdem every one in the outports wants to go to Ireland to play in the big World Dart Tournament. They talk Benny into trying out and he does and wins his way to the World Tournament. Benny being of East Indian decent he make some stupid remark at the airport and gets arrested. They think he is a terrorist Doyle has to go and try to get him out. In The story should have some old guy in his 90s, with lots of stories of fishing and hard times. Poeple end going to him for advice the old guy is full of wisdom. Gorden Pincent would be a great candidate for the role. I am not a writer but have lots of great ideas.

    Terri Grace

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